RA Today ~ December 23

What a great day!  When I left the house at 3:30 to do my Christmas shopping (hadn’t started yet) I asked Hubby to say a prayer and he just laughed because apparently he has no sympathy for those who bring such things upon themselves.  2.5 hours later I walked in the door having completed purchasing stocking stuffers, presents (except for some gift cards), groceries and got my hair cut.  He was disgusted.  I have no right.   I still have stuff to do but other than the gift cards, nothing to buy.  Tonight and tomorrow I will finish baking and preparing the treat boxes which accompany the gift cards.  This year’s treat is chocolate drizzled popcorn in three flavours:  dark chocolate, chocolate orange and chocolate mint, each with a sprinkling of fleur de sel.

I hope Mr. Armitage has a lovely Christmas Eve, Christmas and Boxing Day with family and friends – sipping eggnog or grog, playing charades, twister, or whatever his traditions include.  And then days and days of maniacal skiing down insane slopes in the French Alps … maybe enjoying après ski in his own chalet as he wished for a few years ago.  Happy Christmas Eve day Armitage Family!

guy aor 745407611b (2)

  1. Guy:  an oldie but goodie ~ dare you not to smile ~ by circusgifs
  2. Guy: some heavy breathing and toc by richardarmytage
  3. Guy: arms crossed caps by robin-hood-caps
  4. Guy: some Turkish delight?  by nfcomics


  1. Porter: eyes and heavy breathing gifs by circusgifs
  2. Porter:  I don’t buy it gif by circusgifs


  1. BOFA Thorin with crown drawing by mrjknowles 
  2. BOFA one last time edit in gifs by prefernot2
  3. BOFA drawings of Thorin greeting Kili by kerolunaticat SPOILERS
  4. BOFA Thorin on the ice cliff by stewardessme
  5. Thorin:  gorgeous edit by mzperx0506universe 
  6. Thorin: ink and watercolour of young Thorin by evankart
  7. Thorin: DOS screen cap by taecelle
  8. Thorin: this has been around forever but I’ve never linked it before ~ hilarity by fruityadobo
  9. Thorin: edit by pretty-young-dwarf
  10. Thorin: suspicious in DOS by britsunited 
  11. Thorin: gifs from AUJ and DOS by farewellkili
  12. Thorin: eye porn gif by serecenhawke
  13. Thorin: pop Thorin & circusgifs’ mom’s mattress (so cute)
  14. Thorin: directionally challenged in AUJ by kaputy
  15. Thorin: portrait fan art by melanie

william chatford malice aforethought (2)

  1. William Chatford collage by riepu10

  1. RA Advent Day 23 by applefia2036
  2. Caps from the December 2014 Anglophile teaser by larygo
  3. Merry Christmas drawing – Richard with dog by ezyoung
  4. Edits from Wondercon by mariondworld
  5. A Ben Rayner edit by handsomestpeople
  6. Adorable reaction gifs by mrsjohnstanding
  7. Christmas wallpapers by rcarmitage-poland
  8. Can he slip down the chimney by sketchlavie
  9. Charity video of silly dwarfs gifs by richrichrich2

The master list of RA videos has been updated and now includes brief summary of video content

Richard MIGHT be in this …

Min 0:48 and min 12:13

Manna From Heaven by zeesmuse ~ Chapter 42 ~ A Sir Guy fan fic

A treasure trove of lovely fics compiled, by character, by The Armitage Author’s Network

by r-armitage-characters-home


by r-armitage-characters-home


2 thoughts on “RA Today ~ December 23

  1. ra-overload says:

    OMG, YOU DA BOMB LADY! hahaha, you amazing woman! how did you finish all that shopping AND get a hair cut in less than 3 hours?!!! it took me 30 min to buy laundry detergent today cuz of the line, haha.
    Merry Christmas! Hugs & Kisses ❤ Muah!

    • jollytr says:

      Hehehehe … hubby had done most of the shopping for the boys. I had stockings, Hubby, nieces & nephews (they’re all getting gift cards on the popcorn treat boxes) and a few groceries … which reminds me, better make a note – we’re gonna need more flour for those cinnamon rolls …. 🙂

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