RA Today ~ December 21

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  1. Guy pastiche by amazingguys
  2. Lucas s07e02 gifs
  3. Proctor: The Kiss from gifs by r-armitage-characters
  4. Thorin: close up of costume by et-excrucior
  5. Thorin: a study in majesty by storiesofthesoul 
  6. Thorin: Bofa gifs by mmeoakenshield
  7. Thorin: gorgeous fan art by wildeux.tk 
  8. Thorin: on battle ram concept art by sashaforthewin 
  9. Thorin: angry smithing by thehobbitgifs
  10. Thorin: Bofa released still edited by serecenhawke
  11. Thorin: Thorin & Bilbo beginning & end by tolienette
  12. Thorin: peace or war by thorinds
  13. Thornton: eyes gifs by drikkylove

  1. DOS and BOFA promo gif collage by richards-smile
  2. BOFA London red carpet pic by larygo
  3. Robert Ascroft edit by thorin-baconshield
  4. Sarah Dunn edit by onenightstandys
  5. Will Santa bring what I asked for? by notallwhowanderarelost2
  6. Santa Richie via Sarah Dunn by armitagesangel
  7. Richard in Brasil by taurielofmirkwoods
  8. Battle of the Five Armitages by thorin-baconshield
  9. Funny gif set of Serkis v circus in Rotten Tomatoes interview by itsallhazy
  10. BOFA intro gifs by armitageuniverse
  11. Pilgrimage summary by thorin-baconshield   Part II
  12. Mistletoe belt buckle by sketchlavie
  13. Handsome in a suit by mrpuddingston

BOFA Brasil interview

Loving Gin by zeesmuse ~  Chapter 1 ~ A Thorin/OFC fic pre-quest to reclaim Erebor  – memories of childhood through his life

edited by jollytr


by kenjinart



edited by mezzmerizedbyrichard


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