RA Today ~ December 20


by RA Bulgaria via eni koni

Well, it looks like it’s happened – the BOFA river is drying up.  No need for it’s own banner in the links area after tonight.  On a much happier note, I challenge you not to smile and swoon if you watch the My Guy video 😀  Thanks myrichardtreehouse 🙂

Twice in the last 24 hours I was trying to remember where I heard/read something in the press tour and couldn’t find it for the life of me.  So, I’ve begun going through the videos on the Video Links page and updating each link with what was talked about/notable quotes for each one. OH NO, I have to rewatch all of his interviews.  That’s just terrible, hehehehehehe.


  1. Mineral meme by sweptawabysea
  2. Anglophile interview: brasil premiere gif set by bookloverrevealed
  3. Sweater (jumper) porn on the BOFA press junket by armitagefan

Events, Multiple Roles & Whatnot

  1. RA Advent Day 20 by applefia2036
  2. Fancasting RA (Guy era) as Richard III by lochiels 
  3. Collage by rcarmitage-poland
  4. What armitagefan thinks when she watches TAC interview
  5. Leslie Hassler pic by mrpuddingston

Character Posts

  1. Guy gifs ~ circusgifs favourites
  2. Guy gif ~ a devastating look from under the eyebrows by scribemd
  3. Guy comics by nfcomics
  4. Harry screen caps from liiitza 
  5. Porter kissing Dani gif by circusgifs
  6. Thorin fan art by evankart
  7. Thorin AUJ by raulrk
  8. Thorin AUJ bts by lafeja
  9. Thorin on horseback by dwaroxxx
  10. Thorin beard appreciation by lauraoakenshield
  11. Thorin head & shoulders by dwaroxxx
  12. Thorin battle dirty by imabaggins
  13. Thorin 2 closeups by owliess 
  14. Thorin gorgeous DOS pics by serecenhawke
  15. Thorin (ha, this is Richard) and the fish in the barrel by anjaperhonen
  16. Thornton’s Regency eye sex at the train station by north-and-prejudice
  17. Thornton staring at the rose in Helstead by richardarmitagestaringatthings

Twitter, etc.


Fan Fiction

Loving Gin by zeesmuse – Prologue ~ A Thorin/OFC  fic set 74 years before the re-taking of Erebor (bring tissues cuz this one is powerful in both it’s loveliness and its heart wrenching grief)



by ralover89


by mrpuddingston



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