RA Today ~ December 19

 The little drizzle of new interviews coming out is fun.  I hope keeps up the excitement and anticipation for fans who have to wait another couple of weeks for the movie to open in their countries (South America and Australia).   Soon we’ll be back to combing the archives for opportunities to do fresh edits but for now, we have a lovely diet of new tasty morsels.

As always, the goodies are under the ‘Continue Reading’


  1. Blessings and curses by masterburgler
  2. Richard and his natty sweater from Rotten Tomatoes interview by jollytr
  3. Edited pic from BOFA credits by Okenshieldt
  4. Rallying for the king by thingols

Character  Posts

  1. Most important Guy gifset of the year by riepu10
  2. S02E03 caps by aniarafan2
  3. Sound file of Guy – various scenes by drikkylove
  4. Guy and the tree gifs by hiddlespeare 
  5. Guy wants to go there and back again by nfcomics
  6. Abstract Guy by faustineinpain
  7. Lucas and Ros by fuckyeahharryandruth
  8. Porter gif set & quote by richardarmytage
  9. Ricky Deeming pic set by hemlock-in-the-cocktails
  10. Thorin watercolour by imadence66
  11. Gorgeous Thorin drawings by ilojleenart 
  12. Collages of Thorin by thorin-divine-forever 
  13. Thornton at the trade show gifs by drikkylove   Part II

Events & Multiple Characters

  1. RA Advent day 19 by applefia2036
  2. Richard the king of selfies by lizzieoakenshield
  3. Richard’s smile pic set by bilbo-baggins-is-fantastic
  4. Richard and Martin press through the years by bilbo-baggins-is-fantastic
  5. Richard as Scrooge? by liiitza 
  6. LA Times pics by purpleapple317
  7. A collection of smiling Richard by bilbo-baggins-is-fantastic 



♥  BOFA London Cine 54 red carpet interview 19/12/14

♥  BOFA  zoomin.tv close ties to fans 20/12/14

Fan Fiction

Manna From Heaven by zeesmuse ~ Chapter 41 ~ a Sir Guy/OFC fan fic


by jollytr





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