RA Today ~ December 18


It’s hard to believe but Richard might actually have some time to himself for a few weeks.  Goodness – what will he do with himself if he’s not working overlapping, back to back commitments?  I hope he doesn’t go into shock, lol.  I hope we continue to get a stream of interviews over the next couple of weeks … I’m gonna miss him!


  1. Richard describing a scene for the EE gifs by thistie
  2. Red carpet edit by rcarmitage-poland
  3. Spoiler gif set by magnolie
  4. Imax event: clip from the Q&A
  5. On the ice cliff by miugai
  6. Gifs from BOFA promo tour by richards-smile
  7. Coveted items of the cast by the-freemaned-avatar 
  8. Coveted items gifs by stevemcqueened
  9. Apple event: caps by mezzmerizedbyrichard
  10. Leaked photo from next year’s extended edition – spoiler alert

Character posts

  1. Guy and grannies by nfcomics
  2. Guy by the camp fire by richrichrich2
  3. Collection of Thornton caps by heathfeath26
  4. Thorton & Margaret gifs by drikkylove    Part II
  5. Thorin in Laketown by mirielofgisborne
  6. Smiling Thorin by mirielofgisborne
  7. Thorin in AUJ by mezzmerizedbyrichard
  8. Thorin begins gold sickeness in DOS by white-shores-and-a-green-country

Events & Multiple Characters

  1. Advent day 18 by applefia2036
  2. Boxers or briefs gifs by richrichrich2
  3. Close up crop of Gerano Manlina photoshoot by larygo
  4. How would Richard look playing with Legos? by prefernot2
  5. Whole bunch of reposted pics of Richard & Martin but it’s a cute collection
  6. The Crucible banners collected by prefernot2
  7. Funny Thorin kitty by mymultfandomworld
  8. Blinky characters by drikkylove

Twitter, etc.


Fan Fiction

The Taming by arianafandoms ~ Chapter 8 ~ a Sir Guy of Gisborne/OFC fan fic

Recovery by obscura ~ Chapter 21 ~ A John Porter/OFC fan fic

To Hear You Knocking at my Door by avelera  ~ Chapter 1 ~ Bagginshield alternate ending to BOFA


edited by jollytr

by jollytr

edited by jollytr




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