RA Today ~ December 17

honestly there could be tears whedonversegifs gtSaw BOFA today with Thing 2.  He admitted to welling up … that’s HUGE cuz he cries at nothing!  All I can say is that I wish we were watching that lovely scene in Bag End where a bunch of unruly dwarves were singing about blunt knives and there was a knock on the door with an introduction of a character so majestic, he took our breath away.  Yes, would have loved to be listening to Misty Mountains Cold instead of The Last Goodbye.


  1. Richard makes a funny at the Apple event by halapipita 
  2. End credits sketch posted by thecoolmomma
  3. Super sad post made last year by thorin-senpai 
  4. The men of BOFA by mad-la13
  5. DOS EE: fun on the river by kamaplus 
  6. Apple event gifs of Richard being hilarious by paulmcgann
  7. Imax event: video from LA Times

Character Links

guy aor 745407611b (2)

  1. Guy S02E01 by imreadinggirl    Part II    Part III     Part IV
  2. Guy gifs by drikkylove   Part II    Part III
  3. Naughty Guy captions by nfcomics

rac ln 001

  1. Lucas and Ruth by fuckyeahharryandruth


  1. Thorin at the window by redsirion
  2. Thorin portrait photo edited by serik27
  3. Thorin perhaps in Rivendell?  by lauraoakenshield
  4. Caps of DOS by redsirion

Events & Multiple Characters

  1. RA Advent day 17 by applefia2036 (if you only look at one link today, look at this one!!!)
  2. Pic from the Walk of Fame event by 3intheam 
  3. LA Times photos by Genaro Melina posted by rcarmitage-poland
  4. LA Times closeup by Genaro Melina posted by not-that-kind-of-hot 
  5. LA Times photo group by Genaro Melina posted by richardarmitagebr 
  6. Hilarious gif by we-will-burn-together 
  7. Cool edit of Da Man pic by allita
  8. Hehehehe naughty Christmas Richard by sketchlavie
  9. Sketchlavie’s giveaway for Da Man magazine

Twitter, etc.


Fan Fiction

Trying Not to Love You by storyteller-inn ~ Part I ~ A Thorin/Reader fic ~ From a prompt: Imagine finding out that the person you have feelings for has been smitten with you since the start

Chance Encounter by RAllatrix ~ Chapter 3 ~ NSFW ~ John Porter/OFC fan fic

Spooning with Thorin by middleearthstories ~ Drabble

To Every Season by badskippy ~ Chapter 1 ~ An AU Bagginshield where Dis has perished and Thorin raises very young Kili & Fili


by muigai


by mirielofgisborne



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