RA Today ~ December 16

Apple Store Q&A~ by jollytr

Long, good day.  Spent most of it at Son # 1’s Christmas party.  He was so concerned we be there on time (hmmm, he may have reason to have such concerns) and we were.  But he was late, lol.

Came home to find the podcast of the Apple Store Q&A.  I was struck, once again, with how gracious Richard is – even when he’s making bathroom jokes.  Always thoughtful, polite, generous, and inclusive.  He shakes hands, says thank you, claps for people, and says we, us, and they far more than he says me, my, mine, or I.  He’s not bashful or really self deprecating, he’s just very well mannered and not, in any way, an attention slut.  Emily Post would be impressed.

Now, I just have to remain calm because only 1 more sleep until Son # 2 and I go see BOFA (Mom’s even signing him out of school for the first showing at 12:30 pm).   Squeeeee  …. in 11 hours we’ll be sitting in our seats and the lights will be dimming 🙂


  1. BOFA: Thorin in promo vid by mezzmerizedbyrichard
  2. BOFA London red carpet by isaa-mon
  3. Apple Q&A event gifs by keirony
  4. Gifs from Collider interview by thorinds
  5. You look like an elf gifs by mezzmerizedbyrichard
  6. You look like an elf gifs by richiecrispie
  7. Anglophile interview gifs by richards-smile
  8. One question to ask Tolkien by itsallhazy
  9. LA premiere photocall by ciaomaschio 
  10. Apple event: gifs of R wanting to audition for LOTR by thranduilea
  11. Apple event: screen caps by jollytr



  1. Guy on horseback pic set bisbxrne
  2. Guy doesn’t want to see that by nfcomics
  3. Sir Guy RHS02E01 by imreadinggirl
    Part I    Part II    Part III     Part IV


  1. DOS collage of Thorin by armitaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaage
  2. Thorin on the gold drawing by theninjazebra
  3. DOS EE: Thorin & his bow in Mirkwood by thearkenstone-ck
  4. Fan Art by arkenstone1233 
  5. Hilarious vine by arthulian
  6. Three Thorins by thorin-divine-forever 
  7. AUJ smiles and hair porn by serecenhawke

Events & Multiple Roles

  1. Scream like a nazgul by sketchlavie
  2. Talk to me when you want a manfriend by sketchlavie
  3. Lucas and Harry by fuckyeahharryandruth
  4. Being a dork by not-that-kind-of-hot
  5. Richard’s characters kissing by mezzmerizedbyrichard
  6. Lucas and Sarah kissing by we-are-radio-hysteria
  7. Advent day 16 by applefia2036
  8. Colourful Sarah Dunn edits by ciaomaschio

Twitter, etc.


Italian interview (dubbed)
Download iTune podcast of Apple Store Q&A

Fan Fiction

Tethered by imbeautifulineverysingleway ~ Chapter 6 ~ A Guy & Marian fan fic





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