RA Today ~ December 15

by Jollytr

by Jollytr

Twitter hijinks between Richard and Lee were all the topic of conversation.  Richard’s kooky sense of humour is an absolute delight and I hope we see more banter like he had today with Lee and on the weekend with Amanda Abbington.    A couple of new interviews have been released and the one by Collider might just have been the first of the morning because our Richard was pretty saucy.  It happens so rarely that I can’t help but get a kick out of it.

It wasn’t a busy day on Tumblr so it won’t take long to go through today’s links.


  1. Entertainment Weekly audio interview Dalton Ross
  2. Pic and quote of Bilbo receiving the mithral shirt by riepu10
  3. Moviefone interview (mild spoilers)
  4. Lee and Richard Twitter hilarity
  5. Thorin’s costume on display in NZ

Pics, Gifs & Art Links – by Character

  1. Guy gifs of S02E01 by imreadinggirl
    Part B     Part C   Part D    Part E     Part F    Part G
  2. Guy gifs by drikkylove   Part B   Part C
  3. DOS EE smiling Thorin by alisamiz12

Events & Multiple Characters

  1. Being fabulously goofy in interviews by godarmitage
  2. Pics from DOS promo tour by melkor88
  3. Lucas by melkor88
  4. Lucas by mrpuddingston
  5. John Standring gifs by drikkylove
  6. Glamour UK photoshoot gifs by theonewiththevows
  7. Smiles and smouldery smirks by jollytr
  8. Save Santa a trip and be naughty by sketchlavie
  9. Interview screen caps by armitagefan

Twitter, etc.




by chocolate–icecream at deviantart ~ do not copy, reblog or post without linking and full credit to artist.


by melkor88


by applefia2036



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