RA Today ~ December 14

Quiet day … yay!  Got the tree up and last of the lists finalized.  There was an inordinate number of demands on my time from those insane real life humans who insisted on engaging with me today.  How droll!

Check out IWantToBeAPinup’s Bad Santa series of RA Christmas they made me howl laughing and inspired me to create a couple of my own.


  1. LA red carpet photocall headshots by jollytr
  2. LA red carpet smirks by jollytr
  3. Lots of Paris premiere photos on Flickr
  4. Sound bites from Geek Inc. interview
  5. Apple event: fan pics outside Apple by eatpraiselove 

Pic, Gif & Art Links

  1. Anglophile teaser perfect reaction gifs by applefia2036
  2. Anglophile teaser screen caps by armitagefan
  3. Comparison of ‘new’ headshot to selfie by armycumberbatchpace
  4. 1990’s footballer ponytail gifs by richards-smile
  5. Recent Sarah Dunn collection by armitagefan
  6. Lucas gifs by mabelalexa
  7. Multiple role gifs by wolfgirl-sara
  8. Art of Thorin with dragon sickness and little else by jeusus
  9. Why complicate things with emotions – Sir Guy by nfcomics

Twitter, etc.


Fan Fiction

The Windy City by  RAllatrix~ Chapter 3 ~ an RA/OFC rpf (explicit)




2 thoughts on “RA Today ~ December 14

  1. KatharineD says:

    Having been warned of the major spoiler images in the RA tag, I’ve sworn off scrolling through there until I get a chance to see the movie on the 26th, so thank you, now especially, for keeping me up to date with all the goings on there!

    • jollytr says:

      Thank you Katharine 🙂 I won’t go anywhere near the RA tag either. It’s a dangerous place! Fortunately there are only two people I follow who have posted really significant spoiler images. One of them is a new follow and she doesn’t speak English so she wouldn’t have seen the many requests to tag spoilers. I’ve put both of the culprits on Ignore until I’ve seen the flick. The really encouraging thing is that I used Tag Viewer to look through the tags of those images and saw many urls I knew, all of whom used several versions of spoiler tags to make sure they didn’t foist the posts on unsuspecting dashes. I sort of want to give each and every one of them a great big squishy hug 😀

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