RA Today ~ December 13

Just finished watching SNL and looked, with eagle eyes, to see if our favourite man was in the audience.  I didn’t spot him but it was fun (and silly) looking.

There are a lot of things to be upset about in this world and seeing a photo from a movie shouldn’t rank in the top 3,000.  That’s pretty straightforward and yet I’m still frustrated and peeved.  Someone posted a pic set of photos of Thorin’s final scene with Bilbo … without spoiler tags, spoiler warning notes or tags of any kind.   Seriously?  How clueless does someone have to be to know that 7/8 of the world hasn’t seen the movie yet and don’t want the dang thing spoiled.  How selfish or entitled does someone have to be to spoil surprises for people so needlessly?  There have been posts for a couple of weeks reminding people to tag (or put under a cut) any spoilers.  The post in question had no captions/notes and no tags. A couple of reblogs had no captions or tags either.  What kind of people do that?  I just don’t understand.

Pics, Gifs, & Art Links


  1. Thorin gif by thorinkingoferebor
  2. Apple Store event recap by sunnydisposish
  3. Interview in a cardi gifs by mistlety
  4. Well said oakenshag, well said
  5. The Jacket at the LA premiere pics by jollytr
  6. Pics from BOFA Brasil by armitagefan
  7. Imax event: pics by fbiluthien


  1. Collection of smiling Thorin gifs by thorinoakeshield
  2. Smiling with the key in hand by goingapples
  3. Philip Durrant gifs by riepu10
  4. To battle gifs by thingols
  5. He’s got the moves like Jagger by frakmell 
  6. Looking up from the barell by mysteriousstar

Misc. Events & Multiple Roles

  1. Richard and owls by danicosplay
  2. Samantha Colley talks about working with Richard by armitagefan
  3. RA Advent day 13 by applefia2036
  4. RA Christmas icons by vagabondicons
  5. Sleepy Guy caps by robin-hood-caps
  6. Guy misses you by nfcomics
  7. Lucas by radio-hysteria  A  B
  8. Anticipating the silver fox by not-that-kind-of-hot
  9. Oh Santa!  I’ll tell you everything!  by sketchlavie 
  10. Gifs from the Anglophile teaser by armitageuniverse
  11. Gifs from the Anglophile teaser by applefia2036
  12. Gifs from the Anglophile teaser by richrichrichs2
  13. Santa needs to see the picture so he knows by sketchlavie
  14. Hobbit red carpet outfits by itsallhazy 
  15. Thorton and Margaret final scene gifs by mostly-benedict

Tweets, etc.


Richard’s last shot (spoilers for those who haven’t read the book) by ladyrinsaiyuri



by mirieldofgisborne




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