RA Today ~ December 12


Relatively quiet day in RA world.  A new photo from his drop in at Sirius XM Radio, a new magazine photo by Sarah Dunn and lots more pics & vids from the two events yesterday.  There is a rumour that he will be on The View by himself next week but it’s strictly rumour at this point.  LA Times Hero Complex is supposed to be putting up a video of the Imax Q&A and there will be a podcast of the Apple Store Q&A available soon too.  Sometime yesterday Richard passed the 70K follower mark on Twitter.  That’s something to celebrate!

 Quite a bit (lots of short vids too) under the ‘Continue Reading’

snowflake B_001 bofa

  1. LA Premiere red carpet caps by jollytr
  2. London premiere red carpet pics by norloth
  3. Best selfie ever by valderie 
  4. Apple Store event: close ups at the Apple Q&A from Getty by jollytr
  5. Summary of BOFA for viewers in a few gifs by thingols (not really a spoiler)
  6. Visiting Sirius XM by rarmyboots
  7. Visiting  Sirius XM by notallwhowanderarelost
  8. Imax event Richard and some cosplayers by thorin-baconshield
  9. Imax Event opening gifts at the Imax Q&A by obsessivebehaviours
  10. Imax event: fan impressions by thatgorgeousarchangel
  11. Imax event: gifs of swearing in Kuzduhl by stevemcqueened
  12. Imax event:  photos by fbiluthien
  13. Imax event:  photos by elvencrowns 
  14. Imax event:  photos by filiings

snowflake B_001d

  1. Thorin caps & quotes from movie guide by morrighansmuse
  2. Thornton collage by zrysiowana
  3. RA Advent Day 12 by applefia
  4. DOS EE Thorin by jassy2101
  5. Drawing of R in a tux by rcarmitage-poland 
  6. Naughty John Standring not watching tv anymore gifs by mrsjohnstandring
  7. Porter gif set by izkim
  8. Lucas & Ros by fuckyeahharryandruth
  9. Sir Guy giving you the look by riepu10
  10. A collection of Richard’s selfies by fangirlofeverything
  11. Collection of Thornton caps by heathfeath26
  12. Collection of Thorton gifs by heathfeath26   and another set
  13. Art by princedorann 
  14. Gary Fuller gifs by r-armitage-characters
  15. Ricky Deeming gifs by hemlock-in-the-cocktails 
  16. Collection of Richard’s selfies by armitagesangel
  17. Making something innocent into something naughty by jollytr
  18. John Standring gifs by drikkylove
  19. Three characters gifs by drikkylove

snowflake B_003c

snowflake B_001c

  1. Lovely fanvid of receiving chocolates and Thorin’s backstory by bahh-i-will-destroy-you-all
  2. Richard describing imagining Peter’s descriptions and then seeing what he created
  3. Richard’s favourite insult by bahh-i-will-destroy-you-all
  4. Richard, Martin & Peter in the theatre for  BOFA Paris
  5. rtbf.de interview
  6. Fanvid of RA’s premiere experience by ladyrinsaiyuri
  7. BOFA ABS – CBM News interview

snowflake B_004c

Recovery by Obscura ~ Chapter 20 ~ A John Porter fan fic

snowflake B_002c

catsb catsc


Unaltered from Sarah Dunn’s Facebook Page ~ click to go through to her page

snowflake B_005c



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