RA Today ~ December 11


with his arms around the cosplayers, he was a warm, lovely gentleman ~ by ladyrinsaiyuri

It’s been a strange day.  With no warning or explanation Lee and Richard’s appearance on The View this morning was cancelled at the last minute.  Even half(ish) way through the show the “coming up next” banner was on the screen with The Hobbit, Lee and Richard’s names as clear as day.  But they never appeared and the ladies never mentioned or even acknowledged it.  Then the Apple Store Q&A in Soho event was cut short – it was supposed to be an hour and ended up close to half an hour (as tweeted by a couple of the attendees).  It may be a Twitter glitch, but Richard’s cheery, completely appropriate thank you tweet was taken down not long after it was tweeted.  Weird.  By writing these three things in one spot it looks like I’m connecting them and suggesting some sort of concerted plan but that’s not my intent.  It’s just three glitches in a promo machine which, for the last two movies ran pretty smoothly, but not so much on this one.  By all accounts the Imax screening and Q&A afterward was a huge hit with Richard interacting with all the cosplayers in his usual lovely manner.


teal scroll BOFA

  1. BOFA LA red carpet photocall by lotsofchocolateicecream
  2. BOFA LA tippy toes Richie by karensh2
  3. Thorin riding a battle goat gif by miugai
  4. Richard’s red carpet outfits by riepu10
  5. Gif set with quotes by thorinds
  6. Full body shots on LA photoall by jollytr
  7. Majestic entrance gif by hellz-the-hobbit
  8. Selection of shots from BOFA LA carpet by drelebor
  9. NYC Apple Store pics by therebeccaw 
  10. Closer of Rich at the Apple Store collected by clematis70
  11. Nice Apple Store pics by sunnydisposish
  12. Apple Store pics by Bonnieboyd
  13. Lee & Richard at Apple Store by punkbucky
  14. Signing a fan’s book in LA
  15. After the Imax screening by sideshowkat
  16. Getty Images in the Apple Store collected by jollytr Post 1    Post 2
  17. Post Imax screening Q&A by loveledusastray 
  18. Post Imax pic by gimmethehobbit
  19. Cosplayers invited up after Imax screening by ladyrinsaiyuri

Teal scroll 1 links

  1. Quote with Sarah Dunn photo by thranduileto 
  2. Trio of Lucas caps by alisamiz12
  3. RA Advent Day 11 by applefia2036
  4. DOS EE: screen caps by thearkenstone-ck
  5. Sarah Dunn photo edited by warriorqueen
  6. Dream Sheriff and Sir Guy by dagninexgf
  7. A little truth for a Thursday by the-cloudy-dreamer
  8. Walk of Fame candids by professorofcaninelinguistics
  9. Evangeline & Richard mini slide show by jollytr
  10. A collections of deadly (to the ovaries) photoshoots by armitagesangel
  11. Thorin shots DOS EE by goingapples
  12. Thornton gifs by north-and-prejudice
  13. Three premiere group shots by no-more-silent-tears
  14. hehehe don’t go there – by delenatore
  15. Guy wondering about art by nfcomics
  16. Thorin through the years by concerningbagginses
  17. Truth!  by the-cloudy-dreamer
  18. Lucas by we-are-radio-hysteria

teal scroll 3 tweets

#LeePace #richardarmitage #meettheactors #thehobbit #amazing #nyc

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Dreams do come true #TheHobbit #leepace #richardarmitage #fangirl

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Lee Pace and Richard Armitage after a screening of The Hobbit: The BoFA. #OneLastTime

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Lee Pace and Richard Armitage #onelasttime

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Zoom. #imaxhero #onelasttime #hobbit #prettyboysof #leepace #richardarmitage

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Teal scroll 4 videos

Paris red carpet interview by Le Point

Yahoo UK – Cast interviews

Kikapress cast interviews video

teal scroll 6 fan fiction

New York State of Mind by notallwhowanderarelost2 ~ Drabble for NYC appearances by RA & LP

Will You Follow Me One Last Time by badskippy ~ A one shot in the Bagginshield BetterBOFA category.  Prepare to giggle.

Teal scroll 2 pics


Having fun at the Apple Store Q&A – Getty Images


by circusgifs

Teal scroll 5 misc

Thorin Oakenshield confession – truth


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