RA Today ~ December 10

from Getty Images

Well, wondered if it would happen and it did.  Computer went down and I hadn’t saved for a while … and of course it was the “while” right after I did a link blitz.  So, we’re a bit light on the goodies today because I can’t bring myself to go back and reconstruct what was lost.  There are still some lovelies though 😀


  1. Photocall pic set by ryangoslings
  2. Lovely photocall pic set by heckyeaharmitage
  3. Great set of pics from Rex posted by nixxie-fic
  4. hobbit arrivals by papermachette
  5. Richard explaining AUJ & DOS in less than 60 seconds, gifs by jollytr
  6. Adorable RA & EL by thorin-baconshield
  7. A picset of RA & EL by armitagefan with an add on by jollytr (she has such amazing chemistry with all the guys, but this is an RA blog so there’s only pics of her with RA here).


  1. Hobbit arrivals by papermachette
  2. Thorin fan art by spader 7
  3. RA Advent day 10 by applefia2036
  4. Close encounters article & sarah dunn photo by look-back-look-back-at-me
  5. Walk of Fame group pic with link to RA leaving his hotel by applefia2036
  6. RA taking pics at the Walk of Fame by avengers-assemblah
  7. Can you tell the difference between the manip and the photo? by jollytr
  8. Photo & music by pollysthings
  9. Richard makes it to Go Fug Yourself
  10. Porter gif by psicomana
  11. The Sunday Times scan by miugai
  12. Guy`s dreams by nfcomics
  13. Richard`s eyes by sketchlavie
  14. Expectation & reality by thingols

From the LA BOFA premiere, posted by aniarafan2



Daily Mail video of Peter receiving star on Walk of Fame  

Access Hollywood interview & asks about awkward fan encounters

Richard leaving Roosevelt hotel

Never underestimate Dwarves. #TheHobbit

A post shared by The Hobbit & LOTR (@thehobbitmovie) on

Cast joins Peter at minute 25:00 of the Walk of Fame video

RA is at minute 1:51:29 of the TORN video

NSFW for language


On the Road to the Lonely Mountain by mithrilberry ~ Chapter 4



by nightshadow993

my new Tumblr icon


Richard and Evangeline made the Go Fug Yourself blog

BOFA AU (nsfw? but not obscene) by thorinoakenshieldconfessions


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