RA Today ~ December 8

cap by jollytr

It was something of a debate on whether or not to post the photos which included Richard’s family on the green carpet at the London premiere (see link below).  I respect his family’s privacy and wondered if it was appropriate to identify them in the photos.  I think … and can be corrected … that because they were in a setting where they knew they would be photographed by the public and that the photos would go ’round the world, that it’s okay to include and identify them.   If there was even the slightest hint of a private moment or assumption that the photos were for their personal pleasure only, I’d never do it.  But I think a red carpet event where everyone is so happy and enjoying themselves  with their own clear view of cameras that it’s not infringing upon their privacy.

This is part 2 of my privacy debate today. Part 1 had to do with Richard’s removed tweets from yesterday.  I had screen capped them to post on Tumblr and they’d gone ’round the world that way too.  After Richard took his tweets down I could have (should have?) removed my Tumblr post.  I didn’t, thinking that they’d already been re-blogged and so archiving it wouldn’t much matter.  It is amusing that he has liked a tweet which joked about the tweets he took down:

I’m going to have to have a think on this issue.  It’s known that once something is posted on social media, it leaves the poster’s control … but does that mean that we shouldn’t acknowledge a poster’s regret and remove a re-blog without being asked?   Hmmmm.  Mind the gap.

Ooooh.  Another live Twitter Q&A with Richard on the 9th 🙂  Giggles of girlish glee!  He’s brilliant with his tweets 🙂

Lots of the Walk of Fame under the ‘Continue Reading’


  1. Candid from London by muigai
  2. Caps from Daniele Rizzo’s interview by larygo
  3. Gifs of Thorin from movie clip 5 by bilbo-babe
  4. Premiere shot by faustineinpain
  5. Screen caps from Danish interview by applefia2036

Character specific links

  1. Thorin & Azog from BOFA trailers by bilbo-babe
  2. Drawing of Thorin by naturalshocks

Multiple character, events & misc. links

  1. RA Advent Day 8 by applefia2036
  2. Signing autographs in London – including his family in the background by jollytr
  3. Sporting the new Gis look? by riepu10
  4. At The Crucible premiere by jollytr
  5. Collage of R’s selfies by armycumberpace
  6. Signing autographs on the red carpet in Berlin for DOS by richards-smile
  7. Gifs from the invitation to the TORN party by richards-smile
  8. A little Lucas just to add variety by psicomana
  9. What a Guy wants by nfcomics

Peter Jackson Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony

  1. Favourite group shots of jollytr
  2. Gifs of the group shots by dex5m
  3. Celeb guests shot by ellebelle
  4. Group shot by riepu10
  5. Evie & Lee with Rich in the corner by l0kiplease
  6. Group shots by the-hobbit
  7. The cast taking their own pictures by aniarafan2
  8. Richard & Lee pose for a pic by inquire-within-yourself
  9. Funny gifs esp. with Evie and Richard by look-back-look-back-at-me
  10. Shots of Richard and other cast members watching the ceremony posted by richrichrichs2
  11. Richard and Evie by abberantmuse
  12. Greeting Orlando by chelle77
  13. Crowd shots by chelle77
  14. Assorted cute shots by chelle77
  15. More happy shots by chelle77
  16. Assorted cast pics by yuna-ya
  17. Mostly RA shots by chelle77
  18. Gifs by armitageuniverse



Promo piece from Sweden

Kino TV interview

Fan Fiction

Manna From Heaven by zeesmuse ~ Chapter 40 ~ A Sir Guy of Gisborne/OFC fan fic


6 thoughts on “RA Today ~ December 8

  1. Mezz says:

    Sometimes I get exhausted wrestling with the will I?/won’t I? dilemma of what to blog or reblog. I reblogged the photos of Richard which included his family, for the same reasons you mention, but I won’t reblog pics which are cropped to an image of the family members only. That and photos which, as you say, even hint at a private moment, I won’t reblog, but sometimes my line in the sand is hard to see!
    As for Richard’s tweets, I deleted them simply because he did, for whatever reason, even though I know that they are out there now anyway – it makes me feel better.
    Thank you for another great compilation!

    • jollytr says:

      Thanks for your note Mezz. I had decided to go back and delete the post of the deleted tweets and then saw that someone else had found it and it’s gone around again (more notes this time than on the initial posting). Shoulda followed the instinct. I’ve deleted it now and feel good about it :-D. Hehehe, there’s no award for Most Complete Record of Everything RA Has Ever Said, Done, or Had Said About Him.

  2. Servetus says:

    I think everybody has to draw their own lines. For me: As far as his family goes, by this point, they are aware that they are objects of interest, and that if they appear in a situation like this, they will be seen and commented on. (I might have felt differently about it ten years ago, when their family member was not a public figure and they might have had reason to be surprised at attention paid to them.) As far as Armitage goes — I tend to be opposed to deleting pieces of the historical record, but I don’t see any reason to broadcast them, either. The “disabled” tweet is still on my blog — it just doesn’t connect to anything anymore.

    • jollytr says:

      Thank you for your insight and experience Servetus. Sometimes it feels like it’s all one big class in situational ethics 😉 I get so wound up at the time and then later wonder what all the fuss was about – it’s all quite simple when you look at it. Time for yours truly to lighten up.

      • Servetus says:

        How you feel is how you feel (shrugs) but the thing is there will always be people who are more interested in telling you how to behave than in behaving well themselves. IMO none of us involved in it at this level have truly clean hands. In the words of Jiminy Cricket, “always let your conscience be your guide.”

  3. […] always persist somewhere. @RCArmitage has given us at least three incidents around this problem, as tweets that could have been offensive were withdrawn and fans disputed whether copies posted on social media should be allowed to […]

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