RA Today ~ December 7

edit by Jollytr

Fantastic news!  Hamlet: A Novel is the winner of Audible’s Audiobook of the Year! Just a reminder that the star studded Peter Jackson star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame event is Monday (timing here).

Today’s features under the ‘Continue Reading’.

snowflake B_001 bofa

  1. A fun Facebook photo posted by Marion DM
  2. Eau de Dwarf gifs by edhellin
  3. Eau de Dwarf gifs by warriorqueen
  4. BOFA Brasil stage caps by ciaomachio
  5. BOFA Brasil cap by serik27
  6. Buying a Ferrari with all that imaginary gold by richrichrich2
  7. London press conference cap by armitagefan
  8. London pic by faustineinpain
  9. BOFA Paris by hobbitandnains
  10. London pic by ihavestastedthestars

snowflake B_001d

rac ln 001

  1. Edited gifs by mabelalexa

oldvictheatre-assets.s3.amazonaws.com assets File 2652.pdf

  1. The meaning of love gifs by thorinshielding
  2. Sharpening the axe gifs by thorinshielding


  1. Dramatic edit by leehiddlestan
  2. Modern AU Thorin on motorcycle art by paulina
  3. Funny hair flip gifs by safelystowed
  4. Stunning drawing by atarial
  5. DOS EE cap by faustineinpain
  6. Thorin by thearkenstone-ck

snowflake B_002M

  1. RA Advent Day 7 by applefia2036
  2. CBeebies gifs by circusgifs
  3. Lovely collection of photoshoots by armitagesangel
  4. Hobbit premiere outfits by siriuslygrednforge
  5. Richard and Luke by armitagesangel
  6. Ian Macalwain is so done with your crap by applefia2036
  7. Da Man photo edits by damnitfili
  8. AUJ & BOFA premieres by richardcfarmitage

snowflake B_003c

I won't post that much today,i just can't!❤️ #richardarmitage #ccxp2014

A post shared by Paula Aquino (@paula_aquino73) on

Richard Armitage (Thorin) no palco.

A post shared by Hermeson Cassiano (@hermeson_cassiano) on

snowflake B_001c

News3NZ interview

❤️ #richardarmitage #ccxp2014

A post shared by Paula Aquino (@paula_aquino73) on

snowflake B_004c

Plaid by paigeelisehalelahey~ One shot RA/OFC RPF

snowflake B_002c


by nightshadow993

snowflake B_005c


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