RA Today ~ December 6

edited Da Man photo by jollytr

Richard is in Brasil – having a great time and making people smile!  Can’t wait to see photos from Brasil Comic Con.

Looks like RA had some Twitter post second thoughts.  A set of posts was reduced to this one.  The posts were funny if a little risque … I still have them but out of respect for his take down, I’m not posting them.  When Twitter takes stuff down, they really do a thorough job – I had retweeted and favourited the posts  but both actions are gone from my Twitter history.


Lots of good stuff under the ‘Continue Reading’

teal scroll BOFA

  1. Richard’s views on elves by the heirsofdurin
  2. Dos & Don’ts of being a dwarf gifs by thorinoakeshield
  3. Dos & Don’ts of being a dwarf gifs by thorinshielding
  4. Collection of cell vids from Paris premiere by meandrichard
  5. Teasing Daniele Rizzo gifs by gizthegunslinger
  6. Richard near Martin in the London group shot close up by thistie
  7. Signing autographs in Paris by yungarnet
  8. Great gifs from Le Grand Journal interview by applefia2036
  9. Various Paris pics by bagginsbilbothorinthorin
  10. Red carpet fashions by twelfthnightmare
  11. Random Paris pics by drldeboer
  12. Given Thorin’s props by thorinds

Teal scroll 1 links

guy aor 745407611b (2)

  1. Guy & Marion gifs by drikkylove
  2. Kissing Marian gif by drikkylove
  3. Kitty Guy art by gizthegunslinger
  4. Naughty Guy by nfcomics

oldvictheatre-assets.s3.amazonaws.com assets File 2652.pdf

  1. Caps from RA interview of 5Dec14 by armitagefan
  2. Smile from the RA interview of 5Dec14 by jassy2101
  3. Caps from the downloaded interview by petruchiolucasthorin
  4. The eyebrow takes the lead gifs by circusgifs
  5. Read his lips by circusgifs
  6. The Tongue of Concentration by circusgifs
  7. Glowing RA review by clickliverpool posted by fruityadobo
  8. Smiley caps from the interview by armitagina


  1. Portrait by thearkenstone-ck
  2. A majestic AUJ gif by circusgifs
  3. I have the only right (hehehe) by nervouspearl
  4. Thorin doesn’t like his fluffy sweater & is very grumpy ~ art by aegileif
  5. Modern Thorin art by evenkart

thorton aor 780454413

  1. At the table gifs by drikkylove
  2. I’ve seen hell and it’s white caps by kenilworth-for-a-queen
  3. Assorted N&S caps by kenilworth-for-a-queen
  4. Thornton with Tom Boucher (adorbs) by north-and-prejudice
  5. Mostly John & his Mom by heathfeath26
  6. Assorted caps by heathfeath26


  1. Wonderful digest of RA Christmas quotes by meandrichard
  2. Icons from recent photos by warriorqueen
  3. Not a new post but needed to be re-linked ~ BAFTA 2007 by mezzmerizedbyrichard
  4. RA & Bradley Cooper comparison by myrichardtreehouse
  5. Da Man photoshoot close up by aniorro

teal scroll 3 tweets

Teal scroll 4 videos

The arrival of RA & MF in the Paris theatre for BOFA by the-curl-of-a-rythme

Interview posted by WB-Belgium

Teal scroll 5 misc

Teal scroll 2 pics


by the arkenstone-ck


by thearkenstone-ck


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