Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #45

My Saturday morning addiction 🙂

Guylty Pleasure

So, a weekend without a tumblr round-up felt like you were missing something? I am sorry, folks, RL caught up with me. I don’t miss my duties lightly, I can assure you. It breaks my heart because my German sense of order is all disturbed now – with the number of the week not corresponding to the number of the round-up *bigsadface* But well, as you all know now, I was prepping for my trip to London… But good news is: I am not missing this week.

BOFA round-up 45

  1. Cartoon Richard, fresh from the latest premiere, thanks to planet715 – so cute, it hurts
  2. I confess I haven’t caught up on all the interviews. I am relying on richardarmitagequotes for the best bits
  3. The story of the dwarves’ ring – a quote posted by mrsjohnstandring
  4. tumblr excels at putting all photos into sets. Here is one made by jollytr that has the…

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