RA Today ~ December 5


by armitascha

Vote for Richard in the What’s On Stage awards (you can only vote once).  The BBC America favourite male star contest is over … the RA fandom fell away in the last week, with BOFA and Crucible excitement and I have to admit that I wasn’t overly motivated to spend vast amounts of time voting for third place.

Lots under the ‘Continue Reading’

snowflake B_001 bofa

  1. Gifs of the new Anglophile interview by mezzmerizedbyrichard
  2. Transcription of the Le Grand Journal interview
  3. Candids of the Paris premiere by frenchscottie
  4. Norloth’s photos from the London premiere
  5. the curl-of-a-rhyme candid of the lads on stage in Paris
  6. Screencaps of the London press conference by richardarmitagefrance
  7. A fan got her drawings signed by the cast
  8. Drawing of Thorin in his raven crown by winterofherdiscontent
  9. Collage of Paris premiere red carpet by thorinshielding

snowflake B_001d

guy aor 745407611b (2)

  1. Pensive Guy by leviathanschild
  2. Guy telling Marian that Winchester wants her by circusgifs
  3. Guy wallpaper by gisbornes-heart
  4. Puppy dog eyes gifs by drikkylove


  1. The truth about Harry Kennedy by mrsjohnstandring

oldvictheatre-assets.s3.amazonaws.com assets File 2652.pdf

  1. Review of The Crucible film by Guylty
  2. Gifs from the premiere party by richrichrich3
  3. Gifs of The Kiss from the downloaded interview from The Crucible by jollytr
  4. Objectification of an admirable chest in its natural, unwaxed state by jollytr
  5. Miles of smiles from the downloaded interview by jollytr
  6. Performance screen caps from the downloaded interview by applefia2036
  7. Cap from the premiere party by jollytr
  8. Gifs from the premiere party by mezzmerizedbyrichard 
  9. Caps from the premiere party by mezzmerizedbyrichard


  1. Thorin caps by stewardish
  2. Thorin & Smaug by loriendesse (slightly nsfw for swearing)
  3. Lovely cap by x

thorton aor 780454413

  1. Gifs by drikkylove
  2. One John and one Margaret gif by drikkylove

snowflake B_002M

  1. Richard dressing like his characters by riepu10
  2. Wallpaper with Sarah Dunn pics by rarmitage-poland
  3. RA Advent day 5 by applefia2036
  4. Information on the Pilgrimage movie by perry322
  5. Lovely pic of Chop/Urban & the Shed Crew from WSJ article posted by notallwhowanderarelost2
  6. Wallpaper with Da Man pics by rarmitage-poland
  7. December calendars by r-armitage-characters-home
  8. Eyes of blue appreciation by thorin-baconshield
  9. Matt Holyoak photoshoot edits by madmeup
  10. Bwahaha treatment on a tweeted pic by armitascha

snowflake B_003c

snowflake B_001c

Paris red carpet video with lilith-in-angband

Yungarnet’s Paris premiere video

Films & Stars interview with RA at minute 2:30 ish

snowflake B_004c

Mind the Gap by vanillabeanlattes ~ Chapter 7 ~ An RA/OFC RPF ~ NSFW

The Taming by arianafandoms ~ Chapter 7 ~ A Guy of Gisborne fan fic

A Dream Come True ~ by averil-of-fairlea  ~ A Thorin one shot (part of a series)

Chance Encounter by RAllatrix ~ Chapter 2 ~ A John Porter fan fic

snowflake B_005c

A Funny Thorin confession

snowflake B_002c


by kilifiliandthorin


4 thoughts on “RA Today ~ December 5

  1. I am crazy behind on everything. It’ll keep me busy until spring lol. Thanks for compiling all the things I’m missing 🙂

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