RA Today ~ December 4

by Tanni Tanni

What a day!  Other than hitting publish instead of preview earlier in the day and my dog eating a whole pan of banana muffins, it’s been exhilarating.   The Paris premiere, Twitter Q&A, the absolutely stunning new Sarah Dunn photo … wow!

It’s a great time to be a well wisher!

It’s all under the  ‘Continue Reading’

teal scroll BOFA

  1. Green carpet shots by my-edits-have-no-remorse
  2. Access Hollywood interview smiling gifs by richrichrichs2
  3. Richard gives away the arkenstone at the Paris premiere by perry322
  4. Review by entertainment-wise.com via perry322
  5. Review round up on International Business Times via perry322
  6. Photos from Warner Brothers France Twitter time by armitagefan
  7. Twitter questions & answers – on my archive – too many to list separately
  8. On stage at the Paris premiere by jollytr
  9. Le Grand Journal caps & gifs (links are my reblogs) 1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9
  10. Thorin & Thranduil gifs by bilbo-babe
  11. Gorgeous screen caps from today’s new featurette by heyerette
  12. Wall Street Journal interview found by thorin-baconshield
  13. Richard, Peter & Martin by richardarmitagebr
  14. Extrapolating on potential collaboration with Yael Farber by ancientarmitage
  15. Photos taken at the Paris premiere by jollytr
  16. Warning of elves and angry fishermen gifs by flufalos
  17. Photos arriving at the theatre in Paris by jollytr
  18. Posing at the theatre in Paris by jollytr

Teal scroll 1 links

guy aor 745407611b (2)

Guy gifs by drikkylove

rac ln 001

Lucas & Beth caps by fuckyeahharryandruth

oldvictheatre-assets.s3.amazonaws.com assets File 2652.pdf

  1. The Crucible/RA review by Official Theatre posted by perry322
  2. The Crucible leading man and his leading ladies by myrichardtreehouse
  3. The Crucible review by A Younger Theatre
  4. Proctor edit by 3intheam
  5. Digital Spy interview – actors need tv to build up to theatre posted by jollytr


  1. Funny Thorin confession
  2. Stoned Thorin by nightshadow993
  3. Thorin & Frerin fancasting by fortesque

thorton aor 780454413

  1. Gifs of the train scene by drikkylove
  2. Watching after Margaret gifs by drikkylove

teal scroll blanks misc characters

  1. RA Advent Day 4 by applefia2036
  2. Hilarious drawing of Richard by gizthegunslinger
  3. Good Morning Britain interview happy gifs by richiecrispie
  4. Some details on Richard’s new project, Pilgrimage by look-back-look-back-at-me
  5. More details on Pilgrimage gathered by perry322

teal scroll 3 tweets

Richard Armitage est la ! #Hobbit

A post shared by Warner Bros France (@warnerbrosfr) on

Écran ready, salle ready, film ready ! Are you ready ? #Hobbit

A post shared by Warner Bros France (@warnerbrosfr) on

Teal scroll 4 videos

Thorin & Bilbo at the wall via canalplus

teal scroll 6 fan fiction

Chimaera by arianafandoms ~ Chapter 19 ~ A Lucas North fan fic ~ When an asset goes missing, Harry Pearce requests the help of a linguist, who may soon wish she’d stuck to mundane jobs, like translating books, as a horrific international plot is revealed. Lucas/OFC, multi-chapter, slow-burn romance. Takes place directly after season 8, so there is no John Bateman. Rated T for now, but will be bumped up to M later.   Chapter 1

Into the Fire by danafox19 ~ Chapter 10 ~ A Thorin Oakenshield/OFC fan fic (previous chapters linked)

Mind the Gap by vanillabeanlattes ~ Chapter 6 ~ An RPF with OFC Kate Brooks, the second assistant director on The Hobbit.

Teal scroll 5 misc

Teal scroll 2 pics


BOFA Paris premiere ~ edited by circusgifs



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