RA Today ~ December 3


I don’t think it could be humanly possible for anyone to be more lovely, sweeter or funnier than Richard was on Good Morning Britain today.  Comments about being the tallest living dwarf, spitting over his shoulder at the memory of playing an elf, wanting sox and aftershave for Christmas, and apologizing to his Mum for snitching on the worst Christmas present he ever received (a homemade emu).  Just wonderful!  And then there’s the new Sarah Dunn photo … feeling a little swoony over here 😉

I’m so glad I decided to do away with reblogs and just include original posts here.  LOL, can you imagine what it would be like if I hadn’t?  Overwhelming to say the least.  Make sure to check out the Audio/Video Links – very interesting new interviews

 Tonnes of original posts with oodles of Richardy goodness

snowflake B_001 bofa

  1. Guylty’s Green Carpet experience with photos
  2. Caps with captions from ITV Good Morning Britain by Jollytr
  3. Cheesy ad for RA’s appearance on GMB
  4. Hilarious tweets from Mindy Kalling & Molly Ringwald posted by susiederkinssd
  5. The male ego press conference question in capped gifs by davidtennqt
  6. Gifs of GMB interview by oninha
  7. What sums up your time in New Zealand gifs by stevemcqueened
  8. Thorin edit by mirielofgisborne
  9. Collection of premiere caps by justdreamingalone
  10. Gifs from the GMB interview by thorinds
  11. Screen caps from walking into ITV for GMB interview by Pollysthings

snowflake B_001d

guy aor 745407611b (2)

  1. Guy doesn’t like his fruit & veg by nfcomics
  2. Guy, Marian & a horse by drikkylove
  3. Guy & Marian gifs by drikkylove
  4. Guy, Marian & the horse S01E10 gifs by drikkylove
  5. Gifs of S01E07 by drikkylove
  6. More gifs by drikkylove
  7. Gorgeous Guy by drikkylove
  8. Talking by a door gifs by drikkylove

oldvictheatre-assets.s3.amazonaws.com assets File 2652.pdf

  1. The Crucible & RA review by Public Reviews
  2. The Crucible Review by West End Frame
  3. The Crucible premier after party by Digital Theatre via Jollytr

thorton aor 780454413

  1. John & Margaret screen caps by heathfeath26
  2. Gifs including the kiss by heathfeath26

snowflake B_002M

  1. Richard & his emu by mrsjohnstandring bwahahaha
  2. Who wore it best – Richard & Martin edition by not-that-kind-of-hot
  3. RA Advent Calendar day 3 by applefia2036
  4. Hehehehe Thorin sickness by wewillburntogether
  5. 40 Principales Awards edit by jollytr
  6. Ricky Deeming on his bike by psicomana

snowflake B_003c

snowflake B_001c

♥  Access Hollywood Interview 3/12/14

♥  Good Morning Britain with intros from applefia2036 3/12/14

♥  BOFA Cover Video/Films & Stars interviews 3/12/14

♥  Geek Inc. audio interview with RA 3/12/14

snowflake B_004c

In or Out by generalgemini-booknerd ~ an RPF drabble

The Taming by arianafandoms ~ a Sir Guy of Gisborne fan fic
Chapter 6    and    Chapter 7

snowflake B_005c


by thearkenstone-ck



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