RA Today ~ December 2

at the press conference

The Crucible premiere was tonight.  WOW – two red carpets in two days for roles garnering Mr. Armitage glowing reviews.  Fantastic!  There’s a heart breaking article on his time in The Crucible in Time Out London.   This morning he will be on Good Morning Britain 😀   LOTS of videos and tweets today.  The videos have been added to the Video Links master list on my tumblr blog.


snowflake B_001 bofa

  1. A selection of edited Getty Images pics by Jollytr
  2. Signing autographs from Flickr via Jassy2101
  3. Closeups at a press conference by Jassy2101
  4. Signing autographs by shoot-me-now-or-shoot-me-later92
  5. Adorable press conference gifs by look-back-look-back-at-me
  6. Press conference screen caps by heyerette
  7. Press conference screen caps by not-that-kind-of-hot
  8. Lovely edit of a Getty image by larygo
  9. Trailer gifs by calignoso
  10. Thorin posters by calignoso
  11. Thorin’s armour caps by riepu10
  12. Thorin’s armour gifs by oninha
  13. Naughty Richard gif & cap by look-back-look-back-at-me
  14. Press conference smiles by pollysthings
  15. Green carpet gifs by armitageuniverse
  16. Cute gifs by rogers

BOFA Reviews

  1. Stuff.nz
  2. Den of Geek
  3. C-Net

snowflake B_001d

  1. What a Guy Wants by nfcomics
  2. Guy caps by dreamerofbagend
  3. Porter on the phone with  Layla by circusgifs
  4. Porter going after the bullet by circusgifs
  5. Porter in Afghanistan by circusgifs
  6. Porter and Gerry by circusgifs
  7. Porter – that should do it by circusgifs
  8. Come on Gerry by circusgifs
  9. Thorin & Dwalin by pizzashere
  10. Thorin & Bilbo by pizzashere (made me cry)
  11. The Thorton stare by doitsuki

snowflake B_002M

  1. RA Advent Day 2 by applefia2036
  2. Twas the Night Before Christmas in Erebor by alicia-mb
  3. Da Man edit with a little Ben Rayner thrown in for comparison by Jollytr
  4. Haha sweater comparisons by not-that-kind-of-hot
  5. The Guardian Crucible interview
  6. Cute nope gifs by oninha

snowflake B_003c

snowflake B_001c

snowflake B_004c

The Taming by arianafandoms ~ Chapter 5 ~ A Sir Guy of Gisborne fan fic

The Way to His Heart by boudicca61 ~ an adorable little RA RPF drabble (prompting confession below)

On the Road to the Lonely Mountain by MithrilBerry
Chapter 1    Chapter 2

snowflake B_005c


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