RA Today ~ December 1st


edited Getty Images photo posted by yours truly

Today was a smorgasbord of loveliness … tweets from Himself, Sarah Dunn and then the BOFA premiere in London.  So much Richardy goodness 🙂

I am keeping the Video Links master list updated with all interviews and appearances for easy reference.


LOTS under the cut


snowflake B_001d

  1. Lucas caps by heathfeath26
  2. applefia2036’s advent calendar day 1
  3. applefia2036’s advent calendar introduction
  4. close ups – edits from Da Man photoshoot by Jollytr
  5. torso – edits from Da Man photoshoot by Jollytr
  6. Ben Rayner photoshoot edit by Jollytr

snowflake B_001 bofa

  1. Guylty’s images
  2. Corbis Images
  3. Getty Images pics from BOGA London Premiere
  4. Smoking hot pic posted by richardarmitagebr
  5. Green carpet pics by miugai
  6. The Richard/Aidan head bump by kakoland
  7. MeandRichard has some great screen caps  A  B  C  D   E
  8. oh dear … so much stuff … just go to my Tumblr archive there’s a whole slew of posts

BOFA Reviews (thanks to Perry322 for posting them)

  1. New Zealand Herald
  2. The Wrap
  3. The Telegraph
  4. Empire
  5. Coming Soon
  6. The Hollywood Reporter
  7. Digital Spy
  8. The Guardian
  9. Variety
  10. Daily Mirror
  11. IGN

snowflake B_003c

snowflake B_001c

BBC News Interview

snowflake B_002c


Da Man photoshoot edit by Jollytr

gorgeous art by arkenstone 1233


Da Man photoshoot edit by Jollytr

snowflake B_004c

The Taming by arianafandoms ~ Chapter 4 ~ a Sir Guy of Gisborne fan fic

snowflake B_005c


One thought on “RA Today ~ December 1st

  1. I’m behind again and don’t see myself catching up anytime soon. I will get to all of them eventually. I love that you compile so many delightful images, etc. in one place. Thanks 😀

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