The Mean Girl Challenge

What an uplifting response to a very real situation we all face. Thank you BeckyHoper 🙂

Words to Replace My Scream

I have been participating in online communities of one kind or another since my computer monitor took up my entire desk and my modem had a voice.

For years, my interest in these communities revolved around my struggles as a young woman trying to make sense of her blended family life. It was nice to connect with people who shared some of my experiences, but eventually, I became aware that most message boards were cesspools of passive-aggressive know-it-alls, so I stopped participating in them in favor of writing a blog.

My first blog wasn’t fancy. Blogs weren’t in those days, but I found a way to express my frustrations and joys without being constantly attacked. Far fewer people were reading my thoughts, but I was okay with that – I wasn’t writing about my experiences to win a popularity contest – I was doing it to survive.

It was wonderful…

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RA Today – December 30

DaMan magazine is still accepting votes for their cover of the year (only one vote per person).  It would really be terrific for Richard to be their cover of the year.  No pressure or anything … not telling you to go vote … not holding up a neon sign … not offering you my first born if you were to vote and signal boost … nah … not doing any of that.  VOTE HERE

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RA Today ~ December 27

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There is a startling lack of Richard on my dash – not acceptable!!!  So I went lurking through the blogs of some Tumblr old timers and have started reblogging all kinds of goodies 🙂  This daily digest had moved to new posts only but since there is such a dearth of Richard … we’ll have some lovely old edits for a while.  Today applefia2036 found another Sarah Dunn photo and *ooof* gorgeous with a side of mind has turned to mush and exploded reproductive organs.

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The Hobbit: Battle of the Thorin Oakenshield Feels

Some big Thorin feels …

The Armitage Authors Network

Richard Armitage at the Berlin premiere of TH:DOS in December 2013, pic used by permission of Guylty Richard Armitage at the Berlin premiere of TH:DOS in December 2013, pic used by permission of Guylty

So have you seen The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies yet? I saw it last Sunday with my oldest daughter and we both loved it (Martin Freeman broke our hearts). The ending was what it was supposed to be, of course, but if you need an antidote to the feels (or different feels altogether) check out these fics.

Thorin and Thera — Jollytr (An Archive of Our Own)

This came from a prompt on Tumblr that went something like “I want to see Thorin Oakenshield care for a human child.” Jollytr is a prolific fic writer but this is one of her sweetest.

Home At Last — madame_faust (An Archive of Our Own)

A very young Thorin misses his father.

Return to the Blue Mountains — Cat Winchester (Wattpad)

Canon divergence. A bookish dwarf named Rori is called on…

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