RA ~ November 22nd

by Jollytr

Dad & I had a quiet day with nothing on the agenda so I stole a little time for RA Tumblr world and loved it.  So much goodness has been posted since I’ve been on the road.  Not surprisingly, lots of focus on Thorin.   I even took a few minutes to update the Video Master List which includes a bts footage from BOFA and there are some RA quotes I hadn’t seen before (warning: major spoilers) 😀

Richard is up against David Tennant in the BBC America favourite artist competition and desperately  needs our votes.  VOTE HERE.

Lots of Richardy goodness under the Read More


snowy tree 1 links



AOR 248870529b

  1. Looking for evidence by riepu10

guy aor 745407611b (2)

  1. Sassy Guy gifs by riepu10
  2. Gifs by mabelalexa

oldvictheatre-assets.s3.amazonaws.com assets File 2652.pdf

  1. Gorgeous Proctor edit with a twist by prefernot2


  1. Caps from The Last Goodbye by mirielofgisborne
  2. Gifs from The Last Goodbye by goldenlionprince
  3. Thorin hair porn caps by awesomeheirsofdurin
  4. Memories of the Powhiri ceremony as The Hobbit began by mezzmerizedbyrichard
  5. Wow Thorin & Azog art by siennasharpie 
  6. Collection of DOS promos and premieres by richards-smile
  7. Collection of head shots by greenleaficons
  8. Gorgeous sketches by arkenstone1233    One    Two    Three
  9. On PJ the carrot man by bagginses
  10. Gorgeous pic and quote on fate by mzperx0506universe
  11. Thoroughly majestic entrances by thingols 
  12. Beautiful heirs of Durin by armitagefan
  13. Walking with a head wound by littlepie
  14. Fan art by Ka-ren at Deviantart
  15. Selecting Richard to be Thorin by mezzmerizedbyrichard

snowy tree blanks multis

  1. Appreciating RA’s hard work by mrsjohnstandring
  2. The Empire Awards red carpet by petruchiolucasthorin part five
  3. Too cute for this world gifs by lepersgisbornelepers
  4. Richard & Ben by cumberbatch88
  5. Matt Holyoak shoot by jollytr
  6. While promoting Into the Storm by gizthegunslinger

snowy tree 3 tweets



snowy tree 2 pics

original art created & posted by kenjina

by mirielofgisborne

by mrpuddingston

by serik27

Robert Ascroft photo posted by pulchraimagines

snowy tree 5 fan fiction

The Importance of Being Thorin by arianafandoms ~ an RA RPF one shot

Recovery by Obscura ~ Chapter 18 ~ It’s a story that disavows completely the fate of John Porter in Strikeback S2 and develops Porter’s life in a slightly different direction beginning in the year after Strikeback S1.

 Chance Encounter by RAllatrix ~ Chapter 1 of 3 ~ You never know who you might meet in a busy airport.  John Porter perhaps?

snowy tree 5 misc


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