RA Today ~ November 11th

Remembrance Day Poppies

It’s long been my goal to spend time remembering the sacrifice of our veterans and then living well to honour their gift, toasting them every time I enjoy the benefit of freedom of body and of conscience.  I was aided in accomplishing this today by both meaningful tributes, moments of silence and the efforts of friends from thousands of miles away.   I laughed so hard today, a funny little edit by nfcomics was a real treat!  If you have a moment, take a a peek at this video – A Pittance of Time, written by a man who was surprised when he met someone who didn’t understand or respect the importance of the moment of silence.   The second video,  Highway of Heroes was written to honour the men and women returning from Afghanistan on route to their final resting place.    Both are quite moving but have nothing to do with RA other than showing respect for veterans as he has done.

poppy links


  1. Laughing it up on set by Jollytr
  2. Smiling in the square by jollytr
  3. Blue eyes and a glimmer of a smile by jollytr
  4. Boarding the train by jollytr
  5. Distressed Claude by jollytr

guy aor 745407611b (2)

  1. After the armour gifs by mabelalexa
  2. Smirk by hannahmannell


  1. Collage by myrichardtreeshouse
  2. Edit by mrpuddingston
  3. Collages by armistacha
  4. Oh that smile, caps by aniarafan2
  5. Smile & shakes his head gif by circusgifs

rac ln 001

  1. Lucas and Section D by fuckyeahharryandruth
  2. Topless Tuesday Lucas gifs by oninha
  3. Serious Lucas by aniarafan2
  4. Cleaning up by circusgifs and another one  and a third one
  5. Wiping his pits by circusgifs
  6. Putting his shirt on by circusgifs
  7. Lucas’ back gifs by circusgifs
  8. Head & shoulders gifs by circusgifs
  9. Sitting on the bed gifs by circusgifs
  10. Lucas & Vaughn by heathfeath26

moving on aor 613417701c

  1. Smooth cutie with quote by jollytr
  2. B&W capset with quote by jollytr
  3. Cheekie with quote by jollytr
  4. Smooth operator with quote by jollytr
  5. That profile by jollytr
  6. Faces of John by jollytr


  1. Amazing silhouette gif by circusgifs
  2. Porter & Danni caps by mrsjohnstandring
  3. Topless Tuesdays gif by circusgifs and another one and a third one
  4. Topless Porter & Jerry gifs by circusgifs
  5. Porter’s torso by circusgifs
  6. Porter & Danni caps by circusgifs


  1. One day I’ll remember gif set story by thistie
  2. Gorgeous drawing by evankart
  3. Felted Thorin by halapipita
  4. DOS EE: heehehehe cap by alisamiz12
  5. BOFA: naughty thoughts by queenofthencrth
  6. BOFA: gorgeous in armour by stewardish
  7. Naked Thorin sketch posted by chrisdurin created on deviantart by EuticficL
  8. BOFA: TV Trailer # 1 gif by littlepie
  9. Powerful AU sketch of Thorin by cfgriffith 
  10. DOS EE: RA bts, including street clothes by look-back-look-back-at-me

thorton aor 780454413

  1. At the trade show caps by rarmitagenews
  2. The story in pictures by clematis70
  3. It’s all in the eyes gifs by con4cyn
  4. Thornton & Margaret by pendragonness 
  5. John & Margaret art by onlyaskeleton via mezzmerizedbyrichard

poppy multis

  1. Gorgeous pencil sketch of Holyoak shoot by ellicrown
  2. Sarah Dunn photoshoot by mzperx0506universe
  3. Ultimate Topless Tuesday post by circusgifs
  4. At Comicon 2012 by 3intheam
  5. Swoonworthy pic from Crucible promo by wolkenstrahl
  6. Word of the day by richardarmitageforever
  7. Into the Storm premiere by mrpuddingston

poppy featured

by mirielofgisborne

poppy twitter

Favourited by RA:

poppy video

Really? I’m honoured Marian audio clip of Guy by armitageaudio

poppy fan fiction

Say You Do by journeyofinsanity ~ what happens when two of the most shy, introverted individuals meet and have a connection so strong they can’t put it into words? will their sudden mutual attraction threaten either one of their solid, professional careers?

poppy sundries


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