RA Today ~ November 10th

MO_023I have been sending out two-three requests per day for permission to highlight edits/artwork on this blog and have been overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response.  It feels so great to make people happy, which was the standard response to the requests.  Because of this I was startled when I received a ‘no’ yesterday.  I think it was a good thing to receive a ‘no’ because it reminded me not to take things for granted.  It’s easy to get lulled into an assumption of what is and what will be but conscious thought and sober reflection should always be part of the regimen.  It reminded me of this brilliant video.

poppy links


  1. Gifs by jeffwinger
  2. Caps by jollytr

guy aor 745407611b (2)

  1. What Guy wants by nfcomics
  2. Gorgeous sketch by anastasiumart.deviantart.com  and posted by yassena
  3. Collage by rcarmitage-poland
  4. Robin, Guy & Aunt Flo by nfcomics

rac ln 001

  1. Caps from S07E01 by aniarafan2
  2. Lucas & Ros caps by fuckyeahharryandruth
  3. Cap from S07E01 by aniarafan2
  4. Gifset by thefrencharmitagearmy
  5. Parallels by somanyguys

moving on aor 613417701c

  1. Edited caps by redsirion
  2. Caps & quotes by jollytr


  1. Best Portah gif ever by applefia2036

oldvictheatre-assets.s3.amazonaws.com assets File 2652.pdf

  1. art by redsirion


  1. AUJ smile by mirielofgisborne
  2. Thorin and Kili art by evankart
  3. Cute cap of Thorin, Bilbo & Dwalin by thorinobsessed
  4. Striking edit by tietjensparade
  5. DOS EE: Mirkwood caps by riepu10
  6. Funny by stupid-hobbit-captions
  7. BOFA: when faced with death gif set by elveinking
  8. BOFA: can’t see what you’ve become gifs by durinssons
  9. AUJ gifs by gaporter via r r
  10. DOS:  entering Erebor gifs by thingols
  11. DOS EE: paddling down the river by alisamiz12
  12. A confession by mmeoakenshield

thorton aor 780454413

  1. Edited tipping the hat caps by rarmitagenews and  First six parts of the series of gorgeous edits
  2. Great collage of first & last scenes of N&S by mezzmerizedbyrichard
  3. Caps by clematis70

poppy multis

  1.  DOS Madrid by 3intheam
  2. AUJ NYC premiere by richardsstubble
  3. ITS promo gifs by applefia2036

poppy featured

by redsirion

edited & posted by richardsstubble

poppy twitter

retweeted by RA:

poppy video

Everything I did sound clip by riepu10 

Now we defend it sound clip by kilifiliandthorin

poppy fan fiction

You’re Nearly There by averil-of-fairlea ~ a drabble about Thorin’s child’s first steps

poppy sundries

thorinoakenshieldconfessions ~ ”I find him so attractive, it’s not even funny. Usually beards and long hair are nasty to me. But Thorin? He’s ruined me.”


One thought on “RA Today ~ November 10th

  1. Thanks! RL has been kicking my butt so I missed almost all of these.

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