RA Today ~ November 8th

capture-20141108-223206Nominations are being accepted for the What’s On Stage Awards.  We can nominate The Crucible, Yael Farber and our Richard.

Perry322 discovered that DOS is the #1 best selling video on Amazon UK … over Guardians of the Galaxy!

Zeesmuse has an evil plan for the BBC America Anglophenia Fan Favourites contest – vote for whoever goes against Cumberbatch and Hiddleston in order to knock them out! Hehehehehe.   You didn’t hear that from me 😉

Teal scroll 1 links

guy aor 745407611b (2)

  1. Alan’s been paid gifs by sherwoodsy
  2. Unforgiven by lochiels
  3. Striding gifs by didsomeonesayguyofgisborne
  4. S01E02 collage by myrichardtreehouse  Part Two
  5. Looking up gifs by  mabelalexa


  1. A collage by rcarmitage-poland

rac ln 001

  1. I love your smile by aniarafan2  Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4


  1. Young Claude gifs by riepu10


  1. I’m sorry but go fv<c yourself gifs by circusgifs – now THAT is sass!

shiclightenedsparkhouseicecreamSH vlcsnap-00452b

  1. Screen caps & text by clematis70


  1. A confession I am counting on by thorinoakenshieldconfessions
  2. BOFA: you cannot see what you have become caps by larygo
  3. DOS EE: rue this day gifs by elveinking
  4. Naughty & cute by thorinoakenshieldconfessions
  5. Twirling the key gifs by thewatsondiaries
  6. BOFA:  everything I did gif set by farewellthorinoakenshield (sobbing)
  7. DOS EE: die a death of flames gifs by thorsmightythighs
  8. Artwork which has laid my low by azotho
  9. Devastating gif set by littlepie

thorton aor 780454413

  1. John & Margaret gifs by pendragoness
  2. Gorgeous screen caps by rarmitagenews
  3. Screen cap set by armitagina

teal scroll blanks misc characters

  1. DOS Berlin premiere by megacampiona
  2. Giggling during AUJ promo by richiecrispie
  3. Many Crucible stage door pics posted by petruchiolucasthorin
  4. Somebody’s gonna have war by ramida-r
  5. The same person?  Bwahahahaha!   by 144-flabbergasted-hobbits
  6. Hobbit forehead touches by thorinshielding 
  7. Munchy characters by circusgifs

Teal scroll 2 pics

S01E05 gorgeous edit by myrichardtreehouse

by lilarouxart.tumblr.com ~ It’s been a minute since I drew anything for the Hobbit fandom. But now is not the time for silence. So let’s get some notes to celebrate my return. Now what’s all this ‘gold sickness’ business? Let’s be a little more realistic.

by serik27

by armitagefan

teal scroll 3 tweets

The character rumoured to be RA’s next project:

Teal scroll 4 videos

  1. Not strictly RA but it made me cry and misery loves company

teal scroll 6 fan fiction

Percussion by arianafandoms2 on Tumblr ~ John Porter is preparing to leave on another mission, leaving his pregnant wife behind. (One Shot)

Recovery by obscura on AO3 (also on RAsexualfrustration)~ It’s a story that disavows completely the fate of John Porter in Strikeback S2 and develops Porter’s life in a slightly different direction beginning in the year after Strikeback S1.  (Multi Chapter)

Into the Fire by danafox19 on thorinoakenshieldconfessions   ~    Hana, after leaving her adopted home, meets Thorin by chance while traveling alone. A grudging alliance forms between them, which ultimately grows into a fiercely loyal friendship and ardent love. (Multi Chapter)

Teal scroll 5 misc

by mujertropical/richardarmitageforever


One thought on “RA Today ~ November 8th

  1. Wow! I missed a lot.

    Thanks for posting my Sir Guy edit 🙂

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