RA Today ~ November 9th

It’s been a quiet Sunday – appropriate for Remembrance.  I was moved to see Mr. Armitage’s tweet today.  Hubby and eldest walked in the Memorial Parade in our village and placed a wreath.  Tuesday will officially be Remembrance Day here in Canada and we will observe it soberly – remembering all who have served and the family of Nathan Cirillo (the soldier shot and killed at the Canadian War Memorial in Ottawa in October).  Hubby and I both have relatives who fought in the two world wars and in most of the peace keeping missions the Canadian Forces have participated in in the last 60 years.   My brother in law has PTSD from his experiences … our honouring is a living thing.

snowy tree 1 links


  1. Gifs by richiecrispie

guy aor 745407611b (2)

  1. Looking up at you with hatred gif by wesensnightmare
  2. RA!NSFW What Guy wants by nfcomics


  1. Great gifs by natcrawalers

rac ln 001

  1. Collage by lilyanjones
  2. Perry322 posts Lucas on Remembrance Sunday
  3. Running gif by circusgifs
  4. Moving boxes by circusgifs
  5. Lucas and Ros by fuckyeahharryandruth
  6. Lucas and Adam gifs by riepu10


  1. Sunglasses off gifs by uuuhshiny
  2. BTS with a gun by mattyberninger


  1. DOS EE: yawning in the river gifs by rominatrix (repeat, sorry, it’s mandatory, I don’t make the rules)
  2. Sketch of Thorin by svanhildoakenshield
  3. That look gif by littlepie
  4. DOS EE: Thorin & Dwalin swearing by warriorqueen
  5. BOFA:  what you missed in the trailer by thorinshielding
  6. AUJ majestic gifs by star-spangled-dorrito
  7. DOS EE:  RA bts great pic set by look-back-look-back-at-me

thorton aor 780454413

  1. Lovely screen caps by rarmitagenews

snowy tree blanks multis

  1. Planet715 has carved an eraser to make a really cool bearded Richard stamp
  2. Cooking spicy Thai gifs by julikili
  3. Laughing gifs by hmsarmitage (deactivated) via loyalty-honour-a-willing-heart
  4. Cutie pie gifs by jassy2101
  5. DOS Berlin by knifing
  6. Baftas by jassy2101
  7. Wellington AUJ premiere by me-and-my-creepy-mind 

snowy tree 2 pics

by thearkenstone-ck

snowy tree 3 tweets

snowy tree 4 videos

From a couple of months ago but it’s a fun one

snowy tree 5 fan fiction

Absolute by journeyofinsanity ~ AU Professor Richard Armitage is a Psychology instructor at the University of Texas – Austin. His top student, Hadley Faraday, is incredibly gifted, yet hides who she really is; while he is attempting to pick up the pieces of his broken life and move forward from a devastating past.  (Chapter 20 posted this week).

 Imagine Dwalin Babysitting Thorin’s Kids by averil-of-fairlea ~ an AU where the Durins survive and Thorin is with his wife during the birth of child #7 leaving Dwalin to care for the first 6.

Hush by silvia (via meandrichard) ~ Inspired by viewing The Crucible

snowy tree 5 misc


One thought on “RA Today ~ November 9th

  1. I’m catching up on all I missed. Thank you!!

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