RA Today ~ November 7th

Created & Posted by goodgirlheather ~ Click on the pic to go to the BBC site to vote ~ vote often!

Richard won Round One of the BBC America Anglo Man of 2014, defeating Charlie Hunnam by 65.82%  to 34.18% of the vote.   Round Two is going to be brutal:  Richard v Colin Firth.  VOTE now and vote often – this is going to be a very tight race.  My voting fingers and captcha decoding senses are at the ready!

Perry322 and her crew may have uncovered Richard’s new project … and even if they haven’t, I am in awe of their detective skills.

RichardArmitageUS is coordinating a North & South 10 Year Anniversary event which will be held Friday, November 14th.

snowy tree 1 links

guy aor 745407611b (2)

  1. Hehe wearing a thong by nfcomics
  2. You were mocking me scene in titled caps by clematis70
  3. Hearing some hard truths by jollytr
  4. Shadows & light by jollytr
  5. Season 3 gifs by armitagina
  6. A selection of hair-do’s by mersguy 
  7. Bored, surprised, suspicious gifs by riepu10
  8. Head thrown back gifs by circusgifs
  9. Guy on horseback gif by guyofhotborne
  10. S03 E05&06 gifs by armitagina
  11. S03 Guy by jollytr
  12. Gifs by blackwall 
  13. Journey of redemption by writegeek
  14. Alert by armitagina
  15. S02 Guy gifs by mabelalexa
  16. Tied to a tree by armitagina
  17. Not a cheese and sausage party by  nfcomics


  1. Sunny smiles by ra-zan13 
  2. Spectacles & Harry by thorins-arkinstone 


  1. Party time Kruger by omgiamhere 
  2. CAFA from Heinz`s POV by black-nata

rac ln 001

  1. Trouble sleeping gifs by sokillintime
  2. Caps by vilven
  3. At the Bedouin bar by yaincherryb
  4. Lucas & Ros by flixchatter
  5. Lucas or John?  pic by richardrmitage


  1. Portah and Katey by lindseypiper
  2. Gifs by mabelalexa
  3. From the Strike Back premiere by jassy2101

oldvictheatre-assets.s3.amazonaws.com assets File 2652.pdf

  1. Fan art by yreensdiary
  2. Rehearsals by sharetherestofmylife


  1. Gorgeous B&W close up by nightshadow993  and another
  2. An ode to Thorin’s ears by guylty and friends
  3. DOS EE: Richard patiently waiting by alisamiz12
  4. Gorgeous sketch by grimdarkcake
  5. Head & shoulders gifs by eredluins
  6. DOS EE: Thorin & Thrain gifs by glorfindley
  7. BOFA:  Thorin in the new trailer gifs by miugai
  8. BOFA: is that not enough by ohminastirith
  9. BOFA: I fear for you by the-hobbit
  10. BOFA: too close to the flame gifs by warriorqueen
  11. BOFA: don’t dwell on dreams by thorins 
  12. New BOFA poster: The Durins
  13. BOFA:  brought upon them ruin & death gifs by definitelysatan
  14. AUJ: Battle of Azanulbizar? gifs by kobakoba5959 
  15. BOFA: split screen gifs by bckysoldier
  16. Photoshop collage by thorin_of_erebor
  17. AUJ: a little bit of a hair thing going on by kobakoba5959
  18. Like his father and grandfather or not? by thorinds
  19. The line of Durin by sirleongwaine
  20. A quote, a reaction, a connection via jollytr  OP 
  21. DOS EE: on Beorn’s pony gifs by littlepie 

thorton aor 780454413

  1. Gorgeous caps by rarmitagenews
  2. John with Margareet by barnabelle
  3. Looking out the window at Margaret by miadaisyc 

snowy tree blanks multis

  1. Guylty’s got the keep calm figured out
  2. Haha Keep Calm & Free Hugs by miss-lokiluv
  3. Quad pics of AUJ promo tour by vilven
  4. At Magic FM pic set by jassy2101
  5. A pictorial ode to Richard’s beard by zwetschgenmannlein
  6. At the 24 Hour Plays gala by jassy2101
  7. Eyelash porn by jassy2101
  8. Collage of early characters by vilven
  9. Smiling, bearded gifs by jassy2101
  10. Anders Overgaard photoshoot gifs by holmeswilliam
  11. Matt Holyoak photoshoot vid cap by jassy2101
  12. BAFTA LA tea party 2013 by rarmyboots
  13. Assorted photoshoots collage by zwetschgenmannlein
  14. AUJ Japan by amanda-ra
  15. Elegant (?) front roll gif by h12lesbleus
  16. The Empire Awards 2014 by fatimahalsultan
  17. Matt Holyoak photoshoot cap by wellhellnokitty
  18. Promoting AUJ by miss-lokiluv
  19. Multiple character gifs by rcarmitage-poland
  20. Percy Courtenay gif by didsomeonesayguyofgisborne
  21. AUJ Wellington premiere caps by jassy2101
  22. The Last of Us – strong possibility of new project by armitagefan

snowy tree 2 pics

by arianafan2

by nightshadow993

bouncy hair gif by armitagina

snowy tree 3 tweets


snowy tree 4 videos


Claude Monet clip by richards-eyes

snowy tree 5 fan fiction

Thorin & Co. ~ Drabble A prompt request to dwarfdultery on what would happen if you were seen in a thong.  A funny, cute little ditty.

snowy tree 5 misc




One thought on “RA Today ~ November 7th

  1. Wow! Not sure I’ll ever catch up lol.

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