RA Today ~ November 6th

edited by jollytr

Oh the trailer … if today is a day of much sobbing, what in the world will the full movie entail?   I believe I understand why WB submitted RA’s name for Best Supporting Actor for this because in the trailer alone I was devastated by his eyes and voice (and not just in an RA fangirl sort of a way).   Given the number of gifs and pics which erupted from one trailer, I’m a little bit scared of what’s going to happen when the movie comes out and the trickle of bootlegs becomes a flood.   Heavy sigh, waiting for a legal copy isn’t glamourous … but I do it anyway.  I still don’t have a DOS EE yet (it’s my Christmas present from the boys) and  it’ll be a year before I have BOFA unless I do the superticket again which got me a digital copy of DOS back in the spring (but not the EE).

Teal scroll 1 links

oldvictheatre-assets.s3.amazonaws.com assets File 2652.pdf

  1. Gifs giving an alternative meaning by jollytr
  2. Autographed paper cut Proctor by lucky240601
  3. Portraits by richardcfarmitage


  1. Get in the car! gif by armitagina
  2. Closing the trunk gif by armitagina
  3. At the premiere by walking-in-starlight-far-away

guy aor 745407611b (2)

  1. What Guy Wants by nfcomics
  2. Stay & make this place bearable gifs by sherwoodsy
  3. Gifs from S02E08 Get Carter by dagninexgf

rac ln 001

  1. Close up gifs by the-way-im-feeling
  2. Lucas North plushie by sinnaminie (maybe a repeat, can’t remember)
  3. Adorable smile gif by r-armitage-dum-spiro-spero


  1. DOS EE: Majesty in a barrel by alisamiz12
  2. BOFA: trailer caps by maivolchica
  3. BOFA: trailer stills by fondu-with-downey
  4. BOFA: just Thorin by pietromaxlmoff
  5. BOFA: Thorin by riepu10
  6. BOFA: HD closeup of Thorin by thistie
  7. BOFA: gazing cap by arianeoakenshield 
  8. BOFA: Thorin & Fili by mmeoakenshield
  9. BOFA:  Caps by mmeoakenshield
  10. BOFA:  HD screen caps by mirielofgisborne
  11. BOFA: Thorin you gave a promise by very-hobbit
  12. BOFA: glazed over eyes by mirielofgisborne
  13. BOFA: gifs full of feelings by richards-smile
  14. BOFA: Thorin & Dwalin gifs by theheirsofdurin
  15. BOFA: Desolation of Oakenshield by intheshadowofhismajesty
  16. BOFA: Thorin & Kili b&w gif by jackfalalee
  17. BOFA: great screen caps by look-back-look-back-at-me
  18. BOFA: you cannot see what you have become gifs by burglarboggins
  19. BOFA: everything I did I did for them gifs by thistie
  20. BOFA: what Thorin’s become gifs by richardrmitage
  21. BOFA: Thorin & Dwalin edits by armitagefan
  22. BOFA: gorgeous caps by stewardish
  23. BOFA:  Thorin in the gold caps by stewardish
  24. BOFA:  parody with music by bombursbelly via applefia2036

thorton aor 780454413

  1. Titled screen caps & text by clematis70
  2. Gifs by bellsbarduzzi
  3. He will not speculate gifs by circusgifs
  4. Holding her hand just for a second caps by rarmitagenews
  5. Reading with the boy gifs by circusgifs
  6. Thornton & Higgins gifs by circusgifs
  7. Music & gif of factory scene by sarah-pete-designs

teal scroll blanks misc characters

Popcorn Taxi interview details come to light by jollytr

Teal scroll 2 pics

by mirielofgisborne

teal scroll 3 tweets


Teal scroll 4 videos

teal scroll 6 fan fiction

Into the Fire – by danafox19 (Tumblr)  /  silverwolf0519 (Fan Fiction Net)

The story begins before the events of An Unexpected Journey. Hana, after leaving her adopted home, meets Thorin by chance while traveling alone. A grudging alliance forms between them, which ultimately grows into a fiercely loyal friendship and ardent love.

Teal scroll 5 misc

created and posted by notallwhowanderarelost2

created and posted by goodgirlheather

created by lostinfandomstuff


One thought on “RA Today ~ November 6th

  1. Thanks! I missed a lot this day 🙂

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