RA Today ~ November 4th

Making an example of a randomly selected artist or blogger is ridiculous. Go after the big offenders, not the little folks who work to promote your brands at cost to themselves (not profit). Yeah, I know it’s your legal right … but you don’t have to be a jerk about it!

I feel absolutely horrible for a beloved, talented Tumblr artist who has had over half her fan art drawings, sketches and paintings removed by Deviantart via a DMCA Take Down last night.  She does incredibly original work based on Tolkien (and other fandom) characters.  Her experience highlights the fandom copyright problem in a harsh way. All those who believe they are protected by Fair Use are standing on shaky ground and unless you’re willing and/or able to defend your Fair Use claim, you’re S.O.L. as Grammie used to say.   The recent Take Downs dispel a few commonly held beliefs:

  • Attribution and disclaimers mean you’re okay
  • Promoting a work in a fandom is overlooked because it benefits the copyright holder
  • Because so many others are doing it too, you’re safe
  • Derivative/transformative art is easy to define
  • Doing stuff based on older works is very low risk
  • If you’re not making any money from it, you’re safe
  • If you’re not causing the copyright owner to lose money, you’re safe

These are inaccurate myths!

With the US’s push to tighten up and criminalize copyright infringement around the world (Yay TPP! Not!), I wonder how far this is going to go.  As I cautiously go about doing screen caps, gifs and edits I am undoubtedly infringing copyright every single day.  I know the hammer could come down at any time and I don’t know whether to be sad, worried or frustrated.

Teal scroll 1 links


  1. Gifs by rcarmitage-poland

guy aor 745407611b (2)

  1. Gifs of S03E01 by armitagina
  2. Close up gifs by sherwoodsy
  3. Colourized Sir Guy by redsirion

rac ln 001

  1. S07E01 gifs by richards-smile
  2. Sitting in bed S09E04 gifs by circusgifs
  3. NSFW Lucas and Sarah gifs by circusgifs

AOR Paul 912543295b

  1. Topless Tuesday with Paul by clematis70
  2. NSFW gifs by thorinium – seriously NSFW


  1. Gorgeous Porter caps by mezzmerizedbyrichard (heavy sigh)


  1. A majestic turn in Laketown by o-rcrist
  2. Bag End gifs & comment by Mark Hadlow by the-hobbit
  3. Profile sketch by dwarfsmut
  4. Posters by thearkenstone-ck
  5. DOS EE: green screen caps by ladyghislainegisborne
  6. DOS EE: Durins & Dwalin by madammadhatter
  7. Edit from the new poster by une-amie
  8. DOS EE:  fun bts with RA laughing by nixxie-fic
  9. DOS EE: bts by burglarboggins
  10. Emotional edit from a poster by thorinobsessed
  11. DOS EE: staring into your soul by mmeoakenshield

thorton aor 780454413

  1. Profile in the mill by we-are-radio-hysteria
  2. Collage by mmorrow
  3. Gorgeous caps by rarmitagenews

teal scroll blanks misc characters

  1.  Baftas in style by mrpuddingston
  2. David Venni photoshoot by lotsofchocolateicecream
  3. Percy Courtenay gifs by circusgifs slightly NSFW
  4. NSFW peaches alert NSFW by circusgifs
  5. Richard & Dean promoting AUJ in New Zealand 2012 by the-hobbit
  6. Cool compilation of Hobbit cast by barrel–rider
  7. Cap from DOS promo tour by wolkenstrahl
  8. Planet715 has created an amazing stamp
  9. Edit of Anders Overgaard photo by mrpuddingston   Part II   Part III
  10. Ecard on 2015 download of The Crucible by goodgirlheather
  11. Big smile with the key by thorins-crown

Teal scroll 2 pics

by nfcomics

by Ann Boudreau on Twitter

by mirielofgisborne

by thearkenstone-ck

teal scroll 3 tweets


Teal scroll 4 videos

teal scroll 6 fan fiction

 Mind the Gap Chapter 5 ~ An RA RPF by vanillabeanlattes   Chapter 1

Teal scroll 5 misc


3 thoughts on “RA Today ~ November 4th

  1. Just one I couldn’t get: DOS EE: green screen caps by ladymariangisborne
    Maybe it’s because I’m three days late 😀

    This is such a treat especially when I don’t have time to be on Tumblr enough to find them on my own. Thanks!

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