RA Today ~ November 3rd

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What would he think of our stories?

I’ve added a new section to our daily digest – Fan Fiction.  As updates to stories pop up, I’ll include the links.  I know only of the stories which appear on my dash, so if there are others you’d like tracked, please let me know.  With several writing challenges underway, we should be seeing quite a few fics & ficlets in the coming weeks.


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snowy tree 1 links


  1. ITS wins 2 CLI-FI awards as found by perry322
  2. Hugging Trey gif by jollytr
  3. RA’s worst nightmare gifs by jollytr
  4. The tornado’s got Gary’s bum by jollytr
  5. The Fuller’s get back to work by armitages-gary-fuller

guy aor 745407611b (2)

  1. His handsomeness will never go out of style edits by jollytr
  2. A less than enthusiastic 2 thumbs up from Guy by jollytr
  3. A pensive profile by jollytr
  4. A rare smile by jollytr
  5. Guy’s big sword by jollytr

rac ln 001

  1. Blinky Lucas gifs by passacaria


  1.  Marked me down as scared and circusgifs

oldvictheatre-assets.s3.amazonaws.com assets File 2652.pdf

  1. Collage by rcarmitage-poland


  1. Doing his own stunts in AUJ by mezzmerizedbyrichard
  2. Young Thorin in Erebor by thearkenstone-ck
  3. Looking down cap & gif by serecenhawke
  4. Lovely sketch by grimdarkcake
  5. Sad collage & text by aidhanturner
  6. Edited promo shot by mysteriousstar
  7. Close up & original of new BOFA poster by riepu10
  8. Fan art created by ramida-r and posted by capharnaume
  9. DOS EE: helping up an exhausted Dwalin in Mirkwood by heartoferebor
  10. DOS EE: injured Thorin against green screen gifs by heiso2
  11. Promo shot edit by slackerpentecost
  12. DOS EE:  He’s pulling a face by princearmitageandcompany

thorton aor 780454413

  1. A Thornton smile by armitagetrekkie


  1. Four characters – edits by lotsofchocolateicecream
  2. AUJ NYC premiere by sokillintime
  3. DOS EE: RA interview caps by look-back-look-back-at-me

snowy tree 2 pics

by serik27

by jollytr

by mmeoakenshield

by jollytr

snowy tree 3 tweets


snowy tree 4 videos

Audio Links:

The Crucible audio clip 2 (judge me not) 3/11/14

The Crucible Audio Clip 1 (freeze beer) 3/11/14

snowy tree 5 fan fiction

Chimera:  A Lucas North story by Arianafandoms – Chapter 18  [Chapter 1]

Manna From Heaven:  A Guy of Gisborne story by Zeesmuse – Chapter 39 [Chapter 1]

Recovery:  A John Porter story by Obscura – Chapter 16  [Chapter 1]

The Taming: A Guy of Gisborne story by Arianafandoms – Chapter 4  [Chapter 1]

snowy tree 5 misc

Perry322 has found out how to order a print copy of DaMan magazine



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  1. Thanks! Great selection 🙂

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