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Wow … the tweets and new photoshoot teasers are enough to make a fan delirious.  Richard has been witty, philosophical, a titch political, thoughtful, and a little silly.  It’s a bit addictive listening to what sounds like his internal monologue.  Just wow!

Some recent posts by a moderated blog have prompted me to look at my own Code of Conduct.  I think I’m comfortable posting with the following restrictions:

I won’t make posts or links that speculate about Richard’s private proclivities; personal attacks on him or his fans, or fandom divisive topics.

My purpose is simply to share handsome, silly things about Richard – keeping it light and fun.  While I may have an occasional opinion {snort}, I’ll follow Grammie’s advice, “If you can’t say something nice, shhh, say nothing!”  Or maybe that was Bambi.  No matter, it’s  good advice for me since I’m not skilled at true criticism and I might unintentionally run off at the mouth.

Vote for Richard on the BBC Anglo Files Competition – vote often HERE.  Andrew Novialdi has discovered how to get our little paws on the issue of DaMan Magazine and his tweet is down below with the details.

Lots and lots of goodies under the read more

fall 1 links


  1. Gary goofing with Donnie & Trey by armitagina
  2. Screen caps by armitagina
  3. Gary goofing with Donnie & Trey by thewatsondiaries

guy aor 745407611b (2)

  1. What Guy wants by nfcomics
  2. Gifs by lotsofchocolateicecream
  3. portrait by serik27
  4. touching edit by gisbornes-heart
  5. Guy’s November calendar options by r-armitage-characters-home
  6. Guy & fire gifs by renaissance cat
  7. What Guy wants II by nfcomics


  1. screen caps by enchantednightingales


  1. Monet caps by mezzmerizedbyrichard

rac ln 001

  1. Cap & lyrics by somanyguys

moving on aor 613417701c

  1. collection of caps posted by clematis70


  1. sad eyes gifs by mezzmerizedbyrichard
  2. gif by armitaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaage
  3. camouflaged Porter caps by thelurkingdead
  4. sad eyes gifs by mezzmerizedbyrichard
  5. under the gun by lastminutewaffles
  6. Porter & Jerry by armitaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaage
  7. promo shot by armitagefan
  8. Porter and Lexie by blackrigel
  9. gifs by angelic37
  10. waiting to be cuffed cap by bifurism
  11. caps by armitaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaage
  12. gifs by armitaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaage
  13. captured by the americans by armitaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaage
  14. arms behind your head by armitaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaage
  15. fan art by alliejacaues
  16. caps and gifs by armitaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaage
  17. oh the arms gifs by wayneskylar
  18. cool black and white edit by applefia2036 assets File 2652.pdf

  1. Edit by prefernot2


  1. gorgeous edits of Thorin in Rivendell by mezzmerizedbyrichard
  2. hilarious dopey gifs by heiso2
  3. home is behind caps by thecrownlesskings
  4. hilarious Powderpuff cartoon by bilbosexual
  5. majestic caps by mmeoakenshield
  6. fun on the Peloris River gifs by heiso2
  7. Thorin’s eyes by theheirsofdurin
  8. edited caps by mmeoakenshield
  9. makeup tests for Thorin posted by kobakoba5959
  10. In Bree by mmeoakenshield
  11. White on black sketch by imjustahobbit

a vlcsnap-00176

  1. collage by riepu10


  1. black & white edit from David Venni photoshoot by richardarmitagemania
  2. elegance: Blair Getz Mezibov edit by psicomania
  3. DOS EE: iconic lines from DOS gifs by faramircaptainofgondor via dwarfdultery
  4. In a green shirt – edit of Keith Clouston photoshoot by heckarmitage

fall 2 pics

by aniarafan2

by prefernot2

by thearkenstone-ck

by serik27

Oh his eyes ~ by jassy2101

by armitageitis

fall 3 social  media


fall 5 misc

RA Today ~ November 1st


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  1. Thanks! I’m way behind.

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