RA Today ~ November 30th


by planet715

I’m back from the most wonderful road trip.  Two weeks with Dad were amazing and I will treasure these memories for as long as my synapses keep firing.  I’m exhausted from the 19 hour drive but am happy to veg out in front of Tumblr for a while.  So much Richard coverage – absolutely delightful.  I am going to take a little bit of a reduced approach to this blog and include only first runs of edits, news, photos etc.  I’ve loved doing the total day in review with reblogs included but have lots on the go and know that I simply won’t have the same amount of time to make a comprehensive daily review.  In the next couple of days I’ll include some things from the last couple of weeks but going forward it will be the new stuff only.

Lots of Richardy stuff under the cut

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Stereotype Sunday: Je t’aime Richard!

I Want to be a Pin Up

I’m continuing on my theme of Stereotype Sunday and it will come as no surprise that I’m tacking the French today!

Viva la France!

French Armitage 1_edytowany-1

I’ve taken the stereotypical elements associated with the French: The Eiffel tower, sexy French man drinking wine, baguette’s and fine art.

We were in dispute regarding the onions but Magzy summed it up by saying: Well, can’t someone see this whole project as bit offensive…

We left the onions out.

French Armitage 2

The ridiculous moustache had to stay though!

Do we know if Richard speaks French?

Many British children learn it at school, so there’s a chance he has at least some elementary knowledge and the thought of it has me yelling: Oooo lala!

I love the sound of French.

You might be saying: “There’s an oversized ferret canoeing in out toilet bowl while waving the EU flat” and it still sound sexy 😉

We know he’s given Russian a shot (and…

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RA ~ November 22nd

by Jollytr

Dad & I had a quiet day with nothing on the agenda so I stole a little time for RA Tumblr world and loved it.  So much goodness has been posted since I’ve been on the road.  Not surprisingly, lots of focus on Thorin.   I even took a few minutes to update the Video Master List which includes a bts footage from BOFA and there are some RA quotes I hadn’t seen before (warning: major spoilers) 😀

Richard is up against David Tennant in the BBC America favourite artist competition and desperately  needs our votes.  VOTE HERE.

Lots of Richardy goodness under the Read More


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Hand Job

Armitage Agonistes

This makes me crazy.

Richard Armitage by Sarah Dunn #Beardbegone winner Richard Armitage by Sarah Dunn #Beardbegone winner

I’m always wondering how much Richard Armitage knows about his fans and their predilections. How close is he watching, if at all? Contrary to some other fans, I never really bought into the trope that he entirely keeps away from Armitageworld. His emergence on Twitter changed the game a little, at least going, forward because he’s interacting with fans. And fans from other platforms also tweet, frequently using their same User ID. So he’s interacting with bloggers, FB admins and Fan Sites.

Does Richard Armitage know about his hand fans? Does he know about hand porn?

handsoverface Leslie Hassler shoot for New York Moves Magazine

Or were Leslie Hassler and Sarah Dunn just reacting to the beauty of his hands – same way fans do?

Richard Armitage – does he know that we know one of his acting tools is…

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RA Today ~ November 12th

Dad called today and we’re definitely on for our road trip.  Tomorrow morning we’re off to Nova Scotia with a stop off in Quebec for my little sister’s hockey tournament.  On our way home we’ll stop in Maine for another of her hockey tournaments and then thaw out driving through the northern states.  All in all it will be approximately 3,000 miles (5,000 km) in 9 days and I am thrilled.  How often does a middle aged woman get to go on a road trip with her Da?

horror gifIt also means I’ll be mostly offline for 10 days … an occasional brief check of email but no Tumblring … and no RA Today.  There may be withdrawal symptoms.  I’ll definitely be counting on mezzmerizedbyrichard and myrichardtreehouse to reblog all the goodies so that I can drool  scan through your archives when I get back 😉

Handsome RA goodies under the MORE

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SpReAd The Love: Giving Back To Those Who’ve Given

Spread the Love!

SpReAd The Love

WOW! We challenged you all a few days ago and you’ve already maxed our donor for the Red Cross! Thanks so much for helping us reach that goal!

Now here’s the rest of the challenge. Our Anonymous Co-Conspirator still has $100 burning a hole in his or her pocket to donate to one of the charities Richard Armitage supports via JustGiving so we need at least 100 more kindnesses but there’s a twist on it. You’ve all been so supportive of SpReAd The Love this year so, starting with this post, when you submit a kindness we’ll put your name in a hat. Each Friday at 5PM ET we’ll pull a name and that person will win something from us. We have six prizes total from donors within the fandom and each prize is related to one of Richard Armitage’s characters. Kicking us off is John Thornton from North & South. This…

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RA Today ~ November 11th

Remembrance Day Poppies

It’s long been my goal to spend time remembering the sacrifice of our veterans and then living well to honour their gift, toasting them every time I enjoy the benefit of freedom of body and of conscience.  I was aided in accomplishing this today by both meaningful tributes, moments of silence and the efforts of friends from thousands of miles away.   I laughed so hard today, a funny little edit by nfcomics was a real treat!  If you have a moment, take a a peek at this video – A Pittance of Time, written by a man who was surprised when he met someone who didn’t understand or respect the importance of the moment of silence.   The second video,  Highway of Heroes was written to honour the men and women returning from Afghanistan on route to their final resting place.    Both are quite moving but have nothing to do with RA other than showing respect for veterans as he has done.

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