RA Today ~ October 31st

images (2)I hope you’ve had a safe and fun Halloween.  It’s been a quiet day, recovering from a pinched nerve and basically trying not to eat Halloween candy.  Not entirely successful on either count, but it was worth a try ;-).   Loving the new pics of Richard.  I love his beard, his stubble and his whisker free face … he’s a chameleon with a hundred different looks which spark the imagination in a thousand different ways.  Looking forward to seeing Sleepwalker.  The cast & crew had such great rapport, I bet that translates on screen.  The sections of RA Today have been reorganized, but nothing is missing, I promise.

Lots of RA under the read more



  1. Riding in the Titus seeing funnels converge caps by jollytr
  2. Taking tie off gif by quiccksilvrs
  3. The stride by jollytr
  4. Selection of gifs by quiccksilvrs
  5. Fuller boys in sunshine gifs by jollytr
  6. Reunion with captions by jollytr

guy aor 745407611b (2)

  1. Black poet shirt by voodoodragon
  2. Arwork by suis0u
  3. Guy’s Halloween text by guys-texts-from-last-night
  4. Screen caps by armitagina
  5. Collage of S01E03 by redsirion
  6. What a Guy wants – best of – by nfcomics
  7. Collage of S01E04 by redsirion
  8. BTS gifs by gisbornes-heart
  9. Collage of S01E05 by redsirion
  10. Richard’s eyes collage by redsirion
  11. Guy & Meg caps by clematis70
  12. Collage of S01E06 by redsirion
  13. Guy & Meg gifs by thorins-arkinstone
  14. Guy & Alan gifs by riepu10
  15. Delicious profile gifs by circusgifs
  16. If looks could kill gifs by gisbornes-heart

rac ln 001

  1. Da Bum … screen caps of changing clothes for Dasharvin by raaddiction


  1. DOS EE:  Thorin falling gif by thingols
  2. BOFA poster made me sad posted by chrisdurin
  3. Charging down the burning stump gifs by wrath-of-durin
  4. DOS EE: Thorin bts gifs by kobakoba5959
  5. Leading his people, AUJ Thorin by eriathiel
  6. DOS EE:  Thorin & Thranduil bts caps by thorinobsessed
  7. Beautiful art by aegileif


  1. Richard’s watch: a collage by Richard’s Smile
  2. Collage by rcarmitage-poland
  3. The roar – gifs by armitagesangel
  4. A smile cap by jassy2101
  5. Smiles by fat-and-nerdygirl
  6. In Memorium for Richard’s beard by armitageitis
  7. Richard says “you know what” alot by applefia2036


by avecrichard

by guys-texts-from-last-night

The Tongue of Concentration ~ slightly nsfw ~ by armitagina

by cyorke-stark

Danger! Guy is seriously ticked off ~ by armitagina




2 thoughts on “RA Today ~ October 31st

  1. What a lovely sentiment in the second to last misc. I also have to agree on the last item 🙂

    I enjoyed looking at it all. Thanks jollytr!

    FYI Missing: Reunion with captions by jollytr

    • jollytr says:

      Thanks Tree 🙂 Thank you for using this odd little digest and thank you for always being so encouraging 😀
      Fixed the reunion with captions. The internet has NO sense of cooperation: miss one letter and it just won’t do what you need 😉

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