RA Today ~ October 29th

giffed by thorinshielding

It’s been a big day for visuals.   The Hobbit cast announced the world premiere of BOFA will be December 1st in Leicester Square, London.    The Crucible trailer was released and it looks very powerful.     Odd tweet from Brian Banks (hair stylist on Sleepwalker), it looks like filming might have wrapped.  That was quick.

I was a little surprised at the low volume of Gary Fuller edits but in going through the movie myself, it’s a hard one to cap & gif.  The lighting is usually very dark with muddy colours and, to be perfectly honest, hair, makeup, and wardrobe conspire to make many scenes … um … not exactly caps you’d like to frame and put on a wall.  I’ve covered the first 45 minutes and have only found a few swoon worthy caps.  That’s just unheard of in an RA project!

Several messages came back today for blanket permission to post work here.   There are so many lovely, talented, generous, friendly people in this fandom – it’s inspiring!

Lots more under the cut

Pumpkins sleepwalker

Pumpkins Tweets

Pumpkins videos

Pumpkins sets


  1. Rescued gifs by fondu-with-downey
  2. Gary & the border collie gifs & caps by jollytr
  3. False advertising screen caps by jollytr (it’s not nsfw but it might look like it)
  4. Gary & Trey screen caps by jollytr

guy aor 745407611b (2)

  1. S02E11 gifs by armitagina

rac ln 001

  1. Lucas & Elizabeta gifs by mezzmerizedbyrichard

moving on aor 613417701c

  1. Swingset gifs by richardarmitage-poland


  1. Afghanistan gifs by bilboo
  2. Making of Strike Back screen caps by jollytr

oldvictheatre-assets.s3.amazonaws.com assets File 2652.pdf

  1. Proctor fan art by rcarmitage-poland
  2. Crucible trailer gifs by armitageuniverse
  3. Screen caps from the trailer by armitagefan

vlcsnap-00030 (2)

  1. Ricky and the shovel by bibliophilebunny


  1. DOS EE: Thorin bts on green screen caps by kobakoba5959
  2. Gifs from AUJ & DOS by momopuff
  3. DOS EE: naughty behind the scenes boys by ledamemangociana
  4. DOS EE: looks like BOFA gifs by armitageuniverse
  5. Digital fan art by element1414
  6. DOS EE: video clip of the barrel scene by clematis70 (watch bts vid above first & it’s even cooler)
  7. DOS EE:  RA on filming Mirkwood scene gifs by warriorrrqueen
  8. BOFA announcement gifs by armitagesangel
  9. DOS EE:  Mayhap the weirdest gif I’ve ever seen by thorinium
  10. DOS EE:  laughing cast by armitagina
  11. Fan art by kerdzevadzeart on deviantart posted by yassena
  12. Thorin dressed up as Richard dressed up as Thorin by legothorin
  13. DOS EE:  singing in Mirkwood gifs by ledamemangociana
  14. Thorin et al in kilts by dwaroxxx
  15. AUJ majestic gifs by bilboo


  1. Sweet confession
  2. A cartoon about BOFA by hattedhedgehog
  3. perry322 received an answer to her UATSC question
  4. Cute confession
  5. RA doing voice over for an Anthony Nolan film posted by perry322
  6. Edits of the David Venni photoshoot posted by lotsofchocolateicecream
  7. Cbeebies gifs by rcarmitage-poland
  8. Some odd fashion choices by mrsjohnstandring
  9. BOFA announcement screen caps by petruchiolucasthorin

Pumpkins photos

~ by ohminastirith ~

jailed in mirkwood by mirielofgisborne

by nightshadow993


capped by oninha

edit by larygo

~ my confession ~

by thearkenstone-ck

by jollytr



3 thoughts on “RA Today ~ October 29th

  1. I finally got to this now. I would have missed almost all of this. Thanks! My son is cutting into my internet time 😉

    I got an error for Mulligan “Swingset gifs by richardarmitage-poland.”

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