RA Today ~ October 28

capped & posted by pollysthings

Into the Storm was released on digital download today.  We’re just starting to see new gifs and screen caps which is a real treat.

I’ve included two Hobbit videos – the last is the tv spot with a couple of shots of our Thorin.  The first one is from the DOS EE and shows Gandalf & Thrain.  While it doesn’t have any shots of Thorin, it is his father and he talks about Thorin.  I wept at the significance of this scene and it makes the meeting of Gandalf in Bree and the whole quest that much more tragic (like it needed to be more!).


Lots of Richardy goodness under the cut


Rather fitting shooting location for the day

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autumn leaves base a (3)

autumn leaves base a (1)



  1. gifs by fondu-with-downey
  2. end scene gifs by fondu-with-downey
  3. stressed out dad, gifs & caps by jollytr
  4. Sears catalogue poses & tension in the driveway by jollytr

guy aor 745407611b (2)

  1. What a guy wants by nfcomics (giggle snort)
  2. Mandatory reblog of walking in leather gifs by armitagina
  3. He warned her, he’s topless by not-that-kind-of-hot
  4. Gorgeous Guy cap by psicomana
  5. One leg at a time by nfcomics


  1. The Impressionists caps by pollyspersonal
  2. Collage by armitagecaps


  1. Courtyard in Zimbabwe by circusgifs (what day is it?  oh yeah …)
  2. Maybe another set of gifs from the scene by circusgifs (appreciating the hard work he did in the gym, that’s all.  It’s an offering of respect … yeah, that’s it)
  3. The peaches by circusgifs
  4. Standing before the prison warden by circusgifs
  5. Getting sprayed gifs by circusgifs
  6. Collection of gifs and caps by bilboo
  7. Watching Katie leave on a stretcher caps by jollytr


  1. DOS EE: make up touch up for Thorin by mezzmerizedbyrichard
  2. Oooh Thorin & Dwalin look like trouble by thearkenstone-ck
  3. DOS EE: Screen caps of RA interview by armitagina
  4. Thorin & gold by thecrownlesskings
  5. Thorin intensifies by mysnarkyself
  6. He never mentioned you gifs by camasarye
  7. Stoic and alone by thearkenstone-ck via shieldmaidenofscotland
  8. The king and his royal stick by riepu10
  9. DOS EE: Bilbo vouches for Thorin gifs by armitagina
  10. DOS EE: edits by serecenhawke
  11. AUJ screen cap in Bag End by serecenhawke
  12. DOS EE: phenomenally happy Thorin by mmeoakenshield

thorton aor 780454413

  1. In the mill screen cap edited by redsirion


  1. Richard being naughty by clematis70
  2. Gorgeous gif & cap set of the London AUJ premiere by theheirsofdurin
  3. Irresistable smile & wave gif by richardarmitge
  4. RA photoshopped into romantic moments in movies by spyvstailor
  5. Closeup crops of the Andy McCartney, 2002 photoshoot by jollytr
  6. Blair Getz Mezibov photoshoot gifs by kissedbyflames
  7. Where did the Hobbit time go?  by the-hobbit
  8. Screen caps from the Anglophile Awards by armitagina
  9. Body appreciation Part 5 (you can get to 1-4 thru here too) by theheirsofdurin
  10. Early photoshoot collages by raaddiction    Part 1   Part 2
  11. Still from UATSC posted by armitagefan (original of the photo here)

red-yellow-and-orange-fallen-maple-leaves-chantal-photopix_002 - Copy

by jollytr

John Mulligan by myrichardtreehouse

created & posted by notallwhowanderarelost2 ~ Seriously… I know they are supposed to submit to Cannes but I can’t wait much longer. For reasons.

9 10268661_771137889571173_7071721128011600446_n-vertb

Urban & The Shed Crew ~ edits by jollytr on photos from UATSC Facebook

by nightshadow993

by mirielofgisborne

Sgt. Porter by nightshadow993


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