RA Today ~ October 26

my gif from Staged – I laughed harder than Richard 🙂

Yesterday there was a gif which mesmerized me … today’s feast has had me in hysterics.  Check out the first funny HERE .  Then applefia2036 had me rolling in the aisles HERE  and just when I thought it was safe to close of this post, another one popped up HERE


On a more serious note, Warner Brothers and Harpers UK have been making a concerted effort to remove scans of the BOFA Visual Companion and the BOFA Movie Guide from the internet.  If you have posted or re-blogged any images or text from these publications, it’s in your best interest to remove them and to let anyone who has re-blogged from you know that they should remove them too.

pumpkins sleepwalker

Clue #2

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guy aor 745407611b (2)

rac ln 001

AOR Paul 912543295b



thorton aor 780454413

william chatford malice aforethought (2)



by mezzmerizedbyrichard

created by Linda Marie Anson

by nightshadow993

dat smirk by mirielofgisborne

hehehe ~ posted by wheres-the-carpet-smee


3 thoughts on “RA Today ~ October 26

  1. Wonderful! I think Thorin is taking over though 😉 Thanks for including me.

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