RA Today ~ October 25

There are many gorgeous photos and screen caps and edits and gifs and wallpapers and I sort of get used to it … even expect it.   But then, something pops up which is more-than-usual-extraordinary.

posted by gisbornegirl


autumn leaves base a (3)

autumn leaves base a (1)

A clip from the barrel scene posted by hobbitunderthemountain


AOR 248870529b


guy aor 745407611b (2)

rac ln 001



shiclightenedsparkhouseicecreamSH vlcsnap-00452b


thorton aor 780454413


red-yellow-and-orange-fallen-maple-leaves-chantal-photopix_002 - Copy

Joe McGorty photoshoot by jollytr

posted by serik27

by nightshadow993

by serik27

edited by mrpuddingston

screen cap by circusgifs

posted by nfcomics


8 thoughts on “RA Today ~ October 25

  1. Thanks! For some reason “A teaser by Garner back in 2013 posted by jollytr” brings me to Thorin. Also, “Don’t take me for a fool gifs by oakenshield” Not Found. Otherwise awesome and thank you for the link to my Digital Theatre blog post 🙂

  2. guylty says:

    That first gif is just – OMG… *dead*

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