RA Today ~ October 21

Pumpkins sundries

Well, the DOS extended edition hit iTunes and dash has been taken over by gifs and caps.  Sadly, not as much Thorin as Elves in the EE.

Sarah Dunn on Richard Armitage


Pumpkins sleepwalker

Pumpkins Tweets

Pumpkins videos

Hilarious DOS bts – little tiny balls – posted by nelyo3 

Pumpkins sets






Multiple Characters & Misc.

Pumpkins photos

click on the photo to open a new window of the original Tumblr post

by nightshadow993

by 0akenshieldt aka thorin_of_erebor


naughty professor by mrsjohnstandring

by nightshadow993

Photographed by Matt Holyoak for Project Magazine, 2011


by planet715


Oh Lucas! by myrichardtreehouse

by serik27

by mezzmerizedbyrichard

by 0akenshieldt

by hobbitunderthemountain

 Click on the photograph to open the original Tumblr post in a new window.


3 thoughts on “RA Today ~ October 21

  1. ra-overload says:

    omg… you know how i said i was gonna let my blog sit around for a bit? FAIL
    i just filled up my queue… so many great posts! ❤ thank you so much for sharing 😀
    thorin is glorious and richard is a tease! 😛
    and that picture of RA in a sweater! ooooooooooooooof *dead*

  2. I’m catching up! Second one today and I enjoyed it immensely. Agree with ra-overload: “thorin is glorious and richard is a tease!” Oh and the sweater….

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