RA Today ~ October 18th



{moans & groans of disbelief}

Oh no.  I did something I vowed I would never, ever, ever do.  I replied to one of Richard’s tweets.   Groan.   I was overcome with mirth and that ridiculously false sense of proximity and communion which Twitter creates.  Please let me retire to the depths of Tumblr where I have absolutely no chance of ever thinking I could or should reach out to Mr. A.   I really, really like the community of RA well-wishers and am happy there.   It’s much safer and regret-free when it’s just fans being fans in a closed, anonymous system.  This Twitter debacle I’ve created (in my own mind) is sort of like real life intruding on fantasy … not good … not good at all.   Knowing the likelihood of him reading my lame butchering of an ancient meme are about 1,000,000,000,000,000 to 1 (and remembering the name of said butcherer is a googleplex to one) is the only thing getting me through this wretched life crisis, lol.

PS  Yeah, I know.  Thousands have already done it.  It’s no big deal.  My anonymity will remain intact.  My embarrassment will too 😀

Lots & lost of RA under the cut


Wrapping up some filming with Brian Banks 

Central City Stages say goodbye to Sleepwalker

Central City Stages sets used by Sleepwalker (new pics added)

Elliott & Ahna continue their silliness


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by notallwhowanderarelost2

by plfall










Misc. & Multiple Roles


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by serik27

by spooksgirlclaws

hardcore pushups by hulksmashsmaug

by impsexual

by richardarmitage-poland

keep watching this gif ~ by thehollowcow

by spooksgirlclaws

by spooksgirlclaws


5 thoughts on “RA Today ~ October 18th

  1. KatharineD says:

    Thanks for your detailed round ups- I’ve only just discovered your wordpress blog. Between Guylty and your good self, it’s all covered!

    • jollytr says:

      Thank you Katharine :-D. A couple of friends had the very rude experience of real life intruding on their Tumblr time (oh, the nerve!!!) and so we came up with a little daily digest so that they could see all the beautiful things created and shared in Tumblr world … and Tweets from Himself … and whatever else RA caught my fancy, lol. It was just a little quick-hits archive for some friends who didn’t have Dash time 😀

      My favourite treat of the weak is Guylty’s Tumblr Round Up. I’m an unrepentant fan of Guylty and delight in taking every opportunity to sing her praises! She is remarkable 🙂

      • KatharineD says:

        Agreed- Guylty is a lovely human being with a generous heart! Since I only scroll through tumblr and don’t interact there, it’s nice to have the chance to say I enjoy and appreciate your blog. I’ll be looking out for your wordpress emails in my inbox from now on!

  2. No matter how much time I spend on Tumblr you find things I haven’t seen. Maybe I’ll ban myself from Tumblr this week and try to accomplish something 😉 Then I can just check your blog. Thanks again!

    • jollytr says:

      It’s the mystery of tumblr. If I go back through my dash to page 100 or so, I will find things I hadn’t seen before too. Weird! I get so excited to see Guylty’s weekly roundup that I actually have a little tradition for it and she always has tonnes I’ve never seen 😀

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