RA Today ~ October 17

honestly there could be tears whedonversegifs gt

but can you blame me?

I am enjoying the tweets from the Sleepwalker folks so much.  Looks like they are having a wonderful time – lots of mystery, atmosphere, and silliness of the highest order.  It sounds like it’s a movie I’d like to see anyway but these people are sparking real interest and I’m feeling that sense of “awwwww” thinking we probably won’t get to see the movie for a year or more.

When I remember the delay for Into the Storm,  it makes me shiver a little.   Please, don’t let it take years!  Hehehe, I keep thinking of that Steven Colbert gif of grabby hands and him saying “give it to me NOW”.  Well, maybe not today – finish shooting, editing, and all the other funky post production stuff … but soon.  Soon is good.   My birthday is in July.  Just sayin’.


Lots and lots of gorgeous RA under the cut …


Behind the scenes pics from Central City Stages

Richard at Central City Stages



Pic & Gif sets links





Misc. & Multi Character Sets


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bad captions & remedial body language ~ joint effort by pollysthings, circusgifs & jollytr

by mrpuddingston

by nightshadow993

by mezzmerizedbyrichard

by nightshadow993

by nightshadow993

had to put this one in again … for reasons by serik27

by nightshadow993


One thought on “RA Today ~ October 17

  1. Thanks! Lots of goodies again 🙂

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