RA Today ~ October 8

There have been lovely new pieces and gorgeous old ones posted in the last 24 hours which make me feel like I’ve died and gone to Dash heaven 🙂  There are a few that are naughty but SO funny I am still laughing (I’ve made the links red so you can find the ‘hot’ ones if you’re so inclined).

I hadn’t done with Sleepwalker so I went back through the archives for a couple of weeks and listed the links to posts (on and off Tumblr) to bring it up to date.   Sleepwalker will have its own section from now on.   For Sleepwalker, Perry322 (Armitage Agonistes here on WordPress) has saved my sanity – she’s awesome!

thank you From the bottom of my heart thank you to the many wonderful people who have taken the time to contact me privately and publicly in the last few days.   I have received encouragement, immensely helpful constructive criticism, support, fellowship and have come away with a profound sense of joy at the beauty which exists in this odd little world.

Every day across our dashes there are examples of kindness, generosity, thoughtfulness, encouragement, silliness, empathy, creativity, and every positive human attribute.  I am dazzled by the minds and hearts of Well Wishers around the world.  I am awed by the ability we have to make each other better, stronger, fuller.

THANK YOU to Mr. Armitage, a decent bloke who serves as the locus around which an AMAZING group of people have assembled.

Much more under the cut … lots and lots of RA stuff







forever-without-you tumblr

October 8 – interior of house used for shooting location posted by sahraobsessed

October 7 – Izabella Scorupino’s audition for Sleepwalker posted by perry322 (found on Facebook)

October 7 – location posted by perry322

October 7 – photo of house used as shooting location found by perry322

October 6 – Izabella’s character and a bit on Sleepwalker posted by thorins-crown (as found on Facebook)

October 6 – Anglophile Channel’s plot summary of the film on AnglophileChannel.com

October 6 – shooting moves from library to oil fields posted by perry322

October 1 – tweet from a barber – does Dr. Scott White have a beard?  Posted by perry322


Alec    1
Guy     1
Porter      1
Ricky  1 
Standring     1     2
Thorin   1    2
Thornton    1
Turner    1    2    3

Misc.    1     2     3     4     5     6     7    8   9   10       11      12
Multiple Characters    1    2    3


Inspiration for the ages by boudicca61

AUJ NYC press 2012 by Jollytr

An imagining of Dr. Scott White, Sleepwalker by the amazing planet715

This can never be reblogged enough ~ by mrpuddingston

NYC AUJ press tour by Jollytr

beautiful eyes by tolkienette

At the NYC premiere of AUJ, December 2012 by Jollytr

Strike Back premiere by worldofarmitage

Since we had the premiere, we needed The Man ~ Porter by larygo

Proctor by riepu10

Crucible after party by Jollytr


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