RA Today ~ Oct 1


Staged has its own Facebook page now X and the director is going to be making more copies of the movie.  I was able to get one during his last release and while I’m happy enough to have it, you’ve see the gifs and the screen caps … it’s a lot of money for a few minutes of ancient Richard, imho.

Audible has asked the question … we already knew the answer:




Trailer for Staged 


Lucas gifs by mezzmerizedbyrichard

Lucas screencaps by worldofarmitage

Thorin bts by middle-earth-is-my-home

Blue striped suit & red tie Richard and Lucas by plfall

Leather jackets gifs by richiecrispie

Porter drawing by planet715

Lucas and fish & chips by a-girl-in-winter

BTS Spooks & Strike Back by thelurkingdead 

The Crucible film editing shots by my-edits-have-no-remorse

Spooks interview gifs by jassy2101

Richard at the NYC AUJ premiere by mezzmerizedbyrichard

Recap of Thorin by elanorofrohan 

Hehehe The Lonely Mountain by gaaladrieel 

Porter packing a bag by synathroesmus

Oh Sir Guy by somanyguys

What’s it been like?
Are you ok baby?
What are you best at?
Was it worth it?
I understand
How about some breakfast?  Lucas North audio by armitageaudio

The ABC’s of Richard by mezzmerizedbyrichard

Interview smiles 2014 by jollytr

Tonnes of Lucas North gifs by imreadinggirl

Lucas gifs by the-way-im-feeling

It’s not Richard but it ALWAYS makes me laugh hehehe

Tonnes of Lucas North posts (dash has been 75% of these lately, lol)

Proctor art by planet715

Lucas explains his tatoos by stella-raven

Balin & Thorin funny by annethearcher 

The Crucible shots by richardcfarmitage



2 thoughts on “RA Today ~ Oct 1

  1. Some really good ones! Thanks, you do a nice job of finding and presenting all of the RA news 🙂

  2. ra-overload says:

    Love that pinter/proust picture. what a dork 🙂
    days like today, people really need to remember RA’s quote about being “willingly good, extra good, extra peaceful, and extra forgiving.”
    hope you cheer up soon, hun. you deserve to be happy 🙂

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