RA Today ~ October 31st

images (2)I hope you’ve had a safe and fun Halloween.  It’s been a quiet day, recovering from a pinched nerve and basically trying not to eat Halloween candy.  Not entirely successful on either count, but it was worth a try ;-).   Loving the new pics of Richard.  I love his beard, his stubble and his whisker free face … he’s a chameleon with a hundred different looks which spark the imagination in a thousand different ways.  Looking forward to seeing Sleepwalker.  The cast & crew had such great rapport, I bet that translates on screen.  The sections of RA Today have been reorganized, but nothing is missing, I promise.

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RA Today ~ October 30th

Gary and Trey, pre-grad. ~ Capped by Jollytr

Gary and Trey, pre-grad. ~ Capped by Jollytr

Twitter was all a flutter today in RA Land – more Sleepwalker cast lovin’; filming wrapped; Richard had a new photoshoot (sans beard); and it’s been a glorious day.  Beware:  the Sleepwalker and Twitter sections are rather hefty today.   Tumblr changed the dash and (unpopular opinion) I love it.  Permissions to post Tumblr edits by the OP`s are pouring in 😀   I`m continuing to gif and screen cap Into the Storm and am surprised that very few others are doing it.

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RA Today ~ October 29th

giffed by thorinshielding

It’s been a big day for visuals.   The Hobbit cast announced the world premiere of BOFA will be December 1st in Leicester Square, London.    The Crucible trailer was released and it looks very powerful.     Odd tweet from Brian Banks (hair stylist on Sleepwalker), it looks like filming might have wrapped.  That was quick.

I was a little surprised at the low volume of Gary Fuller edits but in going through the movie myself, it’s a hard one to cap & gif.  The lighting is usually very dark with muddy colours and, to be perfectly honest, hair, makeup, and wardrobe conspire to make many scenes … um … not exactly caps you’d like to frame and put on a wall.  I’ve covered the first 45 minutes and have only found a few swoon worthy caps.  That’s just unheard of in an RA project!

Several messages came back today for blanket permission to post work here.   There are so many lovely, talented, generous, friendly people in this fandom – it’s inspiring!

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RA Today ~ October 28

capped & posted by pollysthings

Into the Storm was released on digital download today.  We’re just starting to see new gifs and screen caps which is a real treat.

I’ve included two Hobbit videos – the last is the tv spot with a couple of shots of our Thorin.  The first one is from the DOS EE and shows Gandalf & Thrain.  While it doesn’t have any shots of Thorin, it is his father and he talks about Thorin.  I wept at the significance of this scene and it makes the meeting of Gandalf in Bree and the whole quest that much more tragic (like it needed to be more!).


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RA Today ~ October 27th

giffed & posted by mezzmerizedbyrichard

So, I got a little carried away today.  Ancient Armitage posted some drawings by planet715/ DI_alpaca and I giggled.  I’ve loved the art Ms. Alpaca has posted on Tumblr and was tickled pink to see that there were pieces I hadn’t seen on Tumblr.  There were a whole slew of lovely new-to-me drawings … well, to be specific, 16 of today’s links are tweets from Ms. Alpaca.  They are whimsical and sweet 🙂

With the increased concerns about copyright infringement and my lack of time or patience in obtaining permission for posting pictures here, I will be cutting back on the actual photos and present most as links.   Even though the photos are linked to the original poster and attributed in the caption, I am wary of posting linked/attributed pieces from people I’ve never chatted with.

All photos, gifs & art are posted from and linked to Tumblr users unless otherwise noted.  Click on the piece to be taken to the original post in a new window.  Please do not download these photos without contacting the original poster first.  If you re-blog, please keep original poster information and link with the piece.

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RA Today ~ October 26

my gif from Staged – I laughed harder than Richard 🙂

Yesterday there was a gif which mesmerized me … today’s feast has had me in hysterics.  Check out the first funny HERE .  Then applefia2036 had me rolling in the aisles HERE  and just when I thought it was safe to close of this post, another one popped up HERE


On a more serious note, Warner Brothers and Harpers UK have been making a concerted effort to remove scans of the BOFA Visual Companion and the BOFA Movie Guide from the internet.  If you have posted or re-blogged any images or text from these publications, it’s in your best interest to remove them and to let anyone who has re-blogged from you know that they should remove them too.

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Jazzy’s Quick And Dirty Guide To Surviving A DMCA Takedown


This morning I got an email from another Armitage blogger who wishes to remain anonymous telling me about a Digital Millennium Copyright Act Takedown Notice that she received from her blogging platform. I am publishing this post at her suggestion, with her full knowledge, so that you can know what steps were taken both by her platform and by her, on the off chance that it comes up again for someone. It’s better to be armed with knowledge so that you know what’s required rather than being caught unawares and freaking out. Please note that I am not a lawyer and this is not intended as legal advice. Rather, I’m breaking down the steps taken by the copyright holder to protect his or her work, the steps taken by the host platform to comply with the law, and the steps taken by the blogger. All examples I use below are…

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