RA Today ~ Sept 30


A couple of bloggers has been embracing their passion for Lucas, going back through archives to find photos and gifs of the troubled agent.  Not a complaint from these quarters!  And I’m pretty sure RA-Overload won’t mind a bit either 😉   You’ll see the harvest of Lucas treasures in the Pic & Gif Sets area.

Much, much more under the cut


20140929 YouMag Apr2005 RAN 1 tumblr_mhs98h55RQ1s3y0ego1_500




Hehehehe Thorin by tolkienette

John Thornton by alisamiz12        2      3 

Lucas by blackrigel

Lucas screencaps by thelurkingdead     2

Lucas and the leather gloves by r-armitage-dum-spiro-spero 

Lucas washing up by thorinisourking and driving home and waterboarded

Lucas by richiecrispie      1     2     3      4      5      6

Lucas by imreadinggirl

Lucas by qingniao99127 

Lucas in colours by izkim

Lucas by julikili

Lucas trying to sleep gifs by thorins-arkenstone 

Lucas by mezzmerizedbyrichard       2

Lucas’ suicide scene by bloodbuzz-smartypants

Lucas/R Spooks by worldofarmitage    2

Lucas by stellar-raven

Lucas’ loves by worldofarmitage

Lucas by jassy2101      2

Lucas on the phone by cleocelebritycorner

Gary Fuller by sketchlavie

John Standring screencaps by rarmitagenews

Richard’s characters eating

Richard just lying around by jollytr

Photoshoots & promos by sexy-uk

Crucible video production stills by rarmyboots

On the red carpet meeting P William and not  hehehe head butting him by mezzmerizedbyrichard

Guy by enchantednightingales     1     2      3       4       5      6

October calendar with RA characters by r-armitage-characters-home

John Mulliagan by armitagefan

New Hobbit stamps in New Zealand by fruityadobo


Click on any photo to initiate the slideshow – the urls are in the descriptions.  Any by Jollytr can be found at http://jollytr.tumblr.com/archive


2 thoughts on “RA Today ~ Sept 30

  1. Hariclea says:

    that smiley picture with the red background and close up of the tiny smile just made me morning 🙂

  2. ra-overload says:

    Do not mind a bit! you know me too well, thanks! ❤

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