RA Today ~ Sept 27 & 28


Mr. John Standring by planet715


Much, much more under the cut













Looking down by armitagefan

Lucas S07E01 by chevron7lockedspock 

Lucas on the car by comethefupinorfupthefupoff 

Lucas throws a punch in a pool by r-armitage-dum-spiro-spero

Proctor art by planet715 

Harry Kennedy screencaps by enchantednightingales      1     2

Porter by mezzmerizedbyrichard

RA Interview gif set by ra-poland

Lucas gifs by guchche

Lucas tats screencaps by blue-logos

Lucas gifs by richiecrispie

Lucas gifs by armitagesangel

Lucas gifs by mattyberninger

Lucas in the blue shirt & jeans photoshoot by gizthegunslinger

Lucas caps by aniarafan2       1     2

Spooks bts gifs by mezzmerizedbyrichard

Sleeping Lucas by fuckyeahrichardarmitage

Lucas hand & arm porn by richardarmitagehandporn

Lucas comic by richardarmitagealterego

Lucas Gifs by worldofarmitage

Lucas habits by thorins-arkenstone     1      2     3

Lucas caps by mezzmerizedbyrichard

Lucas gifs by circusgifs     1     2     3

Lucas’ blue shirts by thefrencharmitagearmy

Thorton gifs & quote by richards-smile

Anglophile interview (he cheats) by tolmenta

Guy screencaps by enchantednightingales     1     2     3     4     5

What a GUY wants comics by nfcomics

Harry screencaps by enchantednightingales

Tatoos and a beard by enchantednightingales

The Hobbit BTS by armitagefan


click on any photo to bring up the slide show & urls

One thought on “RA Today ~ Sept 27 & 28

  1. ra-overload says:

    Finally got to this! Thank you so much! Lucas is beautiful as usual 🙂
    Absolutely LOVE planet715’s fan art. Her RA characters are absolutely adorbs. especially this standring one ❤

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