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Happy Thornton Thursday & Guy Friday!  I might have gotten a titch carried away with doing Guy edits.  If I was to sort the images in my edits file, I’m pretty sure there would be far more of Guy than any other three characters combined.  This is amusing because I wouldn’t necessarily say he’s my favourite RA character.  I’m a bit partial to pre-Bateman Lucas and Porter and Harry and Thornton and … oh dear.  Zeesmuse and Guylty, who I think are tops, really like Guy so it hopefully it will give them a smile to see him.

Planet715 has done several more drawings of Richard and his characters.  Here’s a sample:

by planet715





Richard won’t be there (filming in LA) but …



Planet715 has done it again – Thornton, Porter & Lucas  and Thorin too

Cooking with Thorin by queenofravens4

Lucas by redsirion

Lucas by enchantednightingales   1   2   3     4     5     6    7     8     9     10

Lucas by thefrencharmitagearmy

Robert Ascroft collage by richardcfarmitage

Hehehehe – belt mistletoe by sketchlavie

Ian Macalwain by richardarmitagenews

Richard by candlelight by mezzmerizedbyrichard

Mr. Thorton pics by shewhowalksunseen

Thornton’s rolled up sleeves by mezzmerizedbyrichard

Lovely Mr. Thornton gif collage by oropherione

Mr. Thornton & Mr. Bell by imreadinggirl

Colourful North & South by thorinoakenshixld 

Lucas has a case of the blues by mezzmerizedbyrichard

Mr. Thornton gifs by riepu10

Harry Kennedy by enchantednightingales    1   2   3   4    5    6    7    8    9     10   11   12   13     14

 RA no ties (ermmm knew all of these times/places too, uh oh) by lukasnorth

Mr. Thornton by circusgifs   1   2

RA’s auditions by mezzmerizedbyrichard

Lucas North gifs by richards-smile and another set

Guy gifs by various artists      1   2   3   4

Guy stills by armitagesangel 

 A painful truth by enchantednightingales

Sir Guy by serik27

Guy’s texts from last night



click on any photo to bring up the slide show which includes urls







5 thoughts on “RA Today

  1. Very entertaining! I had missed a lot again. Thanks for compiling all of these 🙂

  2. ra-overload says:

    oooooooooooooof your guy edits almost killed me! well, Guy’s not my fav either, but he’s sure easy on the eyes 😛 that RA profile picture next to the someecard is beautiful… is that a picture of lucas? it’s so unfair… he’s too gorgeous!

    • jollytr says:

      It’s our lovely Porter … he’s so incredibly handsome. And not just another pretty face 😉

      Glad you liked our Guy – he is SO easy to play with. Edits. I mean so easy to play with editing software when Guy’s the subject matter. That’s what I meant, yeah. That’s it. You believe me, right?

  3. ra-overload says:

    the RA&LP in their characters fan art is hilarious, bahahaha.

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