RA Today

sundries 2


Planet715 is knocking it out of the park with Richard doodles:

quotes 2


 Lots more under the cut …

tweets 2


videos 2

gifs and pic sets 2

Richard’s characters having a really bad day by coolbreeze35

Munchitage by circugifs

Spooks behind the scenes gifs by prefernot2

Lucas in a suit by riepu10

Lucas in a suit part deux by riepu10

Lucas by redsirion

Lucas by comethefupinorfupthefupof

Lucas and Harry by harryandruth

Lucas – large by richardarmitge

Wonderful doodles of Armitage/Proctor in The Crucible posted by planet715

Doodle of Gary Fuller by planet715

Bacon beard doodle by planet715

Lucas remembering by hiddlespeare 

Porter gifs by mrsjohnstandring


photos 2


Click on any of the photos to start the slide show with larger display and urls 

One thought on “RA Today

  1. ra-overload says:

    love all the doodles! especially the first one. so cute! ❤ and all the lucas, oof! thank you! 😀

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