RA Today ~ Thornsday

Ok, so yesterday I said I wasn’t going to do this every day but … well … here I am the very next day.   Thornton Thursday was so yummy and I anticipate Guy Friday will be yummy too so I think it’s my duty to prevent overload.   Today held an interesting mystery involving a photograph of unknown origin and subject.  It looked like Richard but there were some things a bit ‘off’.  After lots of thoughts, comparisons and giggles we determined that it wasn’t Richard but it sure was fun trying to figure it out. The Not Richard photo is below in Misc.  Lots of Thortony goodness below the cut.


Curiosity about Richard’s cameo role & the unknown person in the Spooks movie by JazzBaby1

It’s good to hear him say how good he is by john-porte-r-armitage




(click on the quotes for larger version)



 Desolation of Smaug Extended Edition trailer

Pic & Gif Sets

Stage door by rmblanik

Cats & Dogs hehehe by armitagefan

Lucas up close by look-back-look-back-at-me

Favourite photoshoots by richards-smile

Sarah Dunn then and now by jollytr

Lucas in The Suit gifs by richard-armitage-just 

North & South screen caps by aniarafan2  1 2 3 4

Overvbearing master gifs by north-and-prejudice 

A collection by circusgifs which appears to be nsfw but isn’t

A cool imagine by vrsmaginesoneshots 

So you are going and never coming back gifs by ryuhada

John and his mother gifs by happy-thought 

John Thornton edited screen caps by Jollytr 1 2

John Thornton gifs by the heirsofdurin 

John & his Mum by byeolrince

Artwork by Ann Boudreau 1 2

Peaches by circusgifs

Thorin artwork by maivolchica 

Thorin Thursday by shewhowalksunseen 

Thornton Thursday

(click on a photo for slide show)

Photos & Gifs

by myrichardtreehouse

by riepu10

by Anne Boudreau on Twitter

Richard in A Normal Heart at LAMDA by r-armitage-characters-home

Lucas by mrpuddingston

Not properly credited on tumblr but I found it on richardarmitagenet. Click through the link to see the rest of the High Commissioner posing with him.


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